Innotek SD 2100 Vs Innotek SD 2225 Collars Review

Innotek is especially responsible for manufacturing collars like Innotek SD 2100 Vs Innotek SD 2225 that are very effective for dog training. If you notice that your dog is sometimes aggressive and makes it difficult for you to get along with other dogs, this collar will be very effective in managing it.

The important thing is to know how to use this collar or dog fence 2021 in the right way since it is the only way in which you can see efficient results.

You will be the one who controls this training collar with the help of remote control, but you only have to use it if you notice that your dog has aggressive behavior or wants to dominate in the space where it is located.

Normally a dog should obey, but if this is not the case, you can use this dog with this collar that comes with integrated electrical equipment. When your dog does not obey, he can use the remote control, which will transmit an acoustic signal, and if he does not obey, he will emit an electrostatic correction.

Among the options of dog training collars that you can find from the Innotek brand are the Innotek SD 2100 Vs Innotek SD 2225 collar. Each of these collars has some distinguishing specifications, and then you will see what they are.

Innotek SD 2100 Collar Reviews

Innotek Extra Receiver for SD-2100 and SD-2200 Systems
  • Durable extra collar receiver with waterproof case
  • Designed for SD-2100 or SD-2200 in-ground pet fencing systems
  • Reflective collar strap and receiver; collar fits neck sizes 8 to 21 inches
  • Contact probes; convenient test light; rechargeable battery
  • Measures 1-7/8 by 1-2/7 by 1-1/6 inches; limited lifetime warranty

Innotek SD 2100 dog training collar offers several options for use. This collar turns out to be rechargeable and comes with a built-in backup battery. Also, it works using such a powerful solid transmitter, which is capable of covering up to 25 acres.

This type of collar is considered one of the most reliable in the market, and you can detail this dimension in the different reviews of Innotek collars that appear on the websites.


  • It emits a signal when the battery is discharged.
  • It has a system called “Run Through Prevention” that acts by increasing the correction signals if your dog does not obey,
  • If the electrical stimulation exceeds its limit after 60 seconds, it will stop automatically.
  • It is recommended for dogs with 10 pounds and up

Many people opt for this type of necklace because it gives them confidence, and because it is a rechargeable collar, it can be used continuously.

Your preference is also because it can be used in a personalized way since its design allows it to be adapted to your dog. When placing the collar, you should verify that your finger fits. This is a safety measure and to prevent your dog from feeling discomfort.

This type of collar is perfect to be used together with the invisible fence system, and you can purchase the entire, complete kit. If you want to use this system with several dogs, it is recommended that they be the same size and temperament. Otherwise, it is not convenient. Each dog will get the same level of stimulation, and properly so this collar, together with a fence system, is a great option.

This invisible fence will work using a cable that will be placed in the area that you decide, and if you want it not to be seen, you can submerge it and thus not get in the way. Its weight is of

For your perfect use, you should place the training collar on your dog, and when you approach the area defined by the cable, the collar will emit a sound similar to that of a whistle, and in this way, your dog will not continue to approach.

Apart from the sound, the collar will also emit an electrical impulse, which turns out to be very annoying for your dog. Now, if your dog obeys once with the sound, the electrical impulse will not be emitted.

Innotek SD 2225 Collar Reviews

Innotek Smart Dog Extra Collar Receiver for Sd-2100 and Sd-2200 - Sd-2225
  • Innotek Smart Dog Extra Collar Receiver For SD-2100 and SD-2200 - SD-2225

Innotek SD 2225 training collar also turns out to be very effective. Its weight is 3.5 oz, so it will be very comfortable for your dog and can be adjusted to neck sizes between 8 inches and 21 inches.

It turns out to be very sought after because it comes with an integrated recharge system so you can use it continuously. Its battery is made of metal and nickel materials, a feature that can differentiate this collar from most that bring lithium-ion batteries.

This charge can last from 2 to 3 months, and when it starts downloading, you will be able to notice it since a battery warning light will appear, so you do not forget to perform your new recharge.

This collar comes with a receiving unit, and although the collar is very durable, it can suffer some wear due to its use. If this occurs, it will only be necessary to change the collar and place the same receiving unit, since this will be durable.

Among the Innotek training collars, this one stands out because it brings 3 stimulating novels for the correction of your dog, and only the first one is the sound similar to a beep, which is normally the ideal for good training. The other levels consist of electrical stimulation, which means that if your dog does not obey the first level, that is the sound, the second level will be activated and the third progressively.

These next two levels are usually much more uncomfortable for your dog, so you can surely notice how your dog begins to obey.


  • It is special for small dogs.
  • If you use it on several dogs, you should know that each will receive the same level of stimulation.
  • Your design will keep your dog in the area you want for him.
  • This collar emits 10 seconds of electrical stimulation.
  • Electrical stimulation stops after 60 seconds.

Depending on the coat of your hair, you will have to adjust a type of probes so that the collar can take effect. And concerning other features, you should know that this training collar is water-resistant, so its durability is guaranteed.

The important thing is that this type of collar is very comfortable for your dog since it is made of padded fabric and brings a reflective strip, which will help to observe your dog if it is night.

Innotek SD 2100 Vs Innotek SD 2225 Collar

Both collars are very efficient when you start training with your dog. No matter what the size of your dog. If it is large for him, the Innotek SD 2100 will be perfect, and if it is small, the most recommended will be the Innotek SD 2225.

The most important thing about Innotek SD 2100 Vs Innotek SD 2225 Collar, when you start training your dog, is to have a secure collar that does not cause any damage to hairy. Therefore, the most effective for him will be to use an Innotek brand necklace so that his safety is guaranteed.

These 2 models are very effective because:

  • Thanks to its system, you can rest assured that your dog does not escape the containment area as he will receive the highest level of electrical stimulation.
  • This correction system will increase its level as the dog gets closer to the defined area.

You may feel some fear that your dog may have some damage by hearing the “electrical correction.” But in reality, you do not have to worry since the system that brings the collar is specially designed so that this type of correction lasts only 60 sure, this type of stimulation will automatically be deactivated by itself.

Although both models are good, there will always be some details that distinguish one from the other.

First, notice what features stand out of the Innotek SD 2100:

  • The collar is rechargeable.
  • Bring a reminder to remember the moment of loading.
  • Brings three levels of correction.
  • Electrical stimulation only lasts 60 seconds.
  • It comes with a very effective, transparent fencing system.
  • Your warranty is for one year

Now notice what features are special about the Innotek SD 2225:

  • Its weight provides comfort to your dog.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • When charged, it will indicate a green light.
  • It has three levels of correction.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is easy to use.

As you can see, both models will help you to educate your dog and thus avoid having these negative behaviors during your life. If your dog is what makes disasters at home and does not obey, a collar of this will help to make a living with your dog excellent.


The Innotek reviews are very positive, and all the people who have used the Innotek SD 2100 Vs Innotek SD 2225 Collar have been very satisfied. When comparing both models one of the variants that are indicated about the SD 2225 model is that its battery lasts less than that of the SD 2100, and this is a very important feature since your dog has to stay trained throughout the day so that he can improve your behavior

When correcting your dog, take into account the characteristics of both models to choose the one that suits you best. According to the reviews and testimonials of the people who have used one or both models for the training of your dog, they agree that the Innotek SD 2100 is more efficient when you want your dog to start obeying.

But it is you who has the last decision when choosing the model that seems most useful for your dog.

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