Best Hunting Dog GPS Tracking Systems

Best Hunting Dog GPS Tracking Systems (Real Time)

Best Hunting Dog GPS Tracking Systems
Best Hunting Dog GPS Tracking Systems

If you are here because you love dogs and want to find out everything about them to keep an eye on them or, on the contrary, you have a dog and want to find the best way to get them to leave your property, then you are in the right place. Have you ever heard of dog trackers?

As in the movies, when they put a device on the animal to find a lost object and later you need to know its address, well, they are similar to those that we will talk about now. Perhaps you have never thought that you would need this device to take care of your pet at one point in your life, but circumstances warrant it, and we must be thankful because there are these devices that can solve these types of problems.

Do you want to have more knowledge about dog trackers and know which one is the best for your dog? Stay with us to find out everything about the Hunting Dog GPS Tracking System.

What Is Dog Tracking System?

The Hunting Dog GPS Tracking System is a device that allows dog owners to know their exact location. It serves, most of all, those who have a large house with a large space outside, in which the dog can escape if he hears a strange noise and wants to investigate, if he smells a pleasant smell or if he sees something that makes you curious. It is also very useful for those who live on a farm and leave the animal in its care while they are away.

Also, due to the poor visibility that you may have since the dog may be in the yard and you do not have the chance to monitor it 24 hours a day, this device would be very useful to prevent an accident from happening. On the other hand, through these trackers, you can also train your dog not to leave the safe zone you tell it to. Fantastic, no!

Through the various stimulation levels, you can keep your dog under control and not go elsewhere without your consent. You put the strap on which the GPS is located, and, with a transmitter, you can see the exact points where your partner is.


Since you have learned a little more about hunting dog tracking systems, we will continue to clarify a few doubts. You need to choose the best tracker for you and know everything about the uses you should give them.

1) Easy Educator 1/2 Mile Dog Training System

Educator Easy EZ-900 E-Collar Remote Dog Training System 1/2 Mile with Vibration - Tapping - Pavlovian Stimulation - Waterproof and Shock Resistant - Includes eOutletDeals Travel Bowl (1 Dog)
  • BUNDLE OF 2 ITEMS - Easy Educator EZ-900 and the eOutletDeals Travel Bowl.
  • DOG SIZE - 5 lbs. and Larger. 1 Dog Transmitter can be converted to the 2 Dog version on the fly
  • EASY OF USE -Five Stimulation Modes to Choose From: Momentary Stimulation – Brief Pulse of Stimulation, Momentary Boost – Brief Pulse of Boosted Stimulation, Continuous – Continuous Stimulation up to 10 Seconds, Continuous Boost – Continuous Stimulation of Boosted Level up to 10 Seconds, Patented “Instant Stimulation” Mode.
  • HUMAME AND EFFECTIVE TRAINER - Waterproof and Shock Resistant. 2 Hour Quick Charge Lithium Polymer via USB or Charger. Battery Level Icon and Flashing Light Indication.
  • Two Year Full Warranty (Batteries Covered). Assembled in the USA.

This Hunting Dog GPS Tracking System is designed to be waterproof, half a mile, for five pounds or more. Among some of its characteristics, the following can be highlighted: it has an LCD screen that contains backlighting, which makes it possible to monitor the animal more precisely.

You have five different stimulation modes at your disposal so that you can choose the one that suits you best and 256 levels of gentle stimulation and 100 that can be displayed on the said LCD screen.

One of its biggest advantages is that it has an instant simulation mode where you can turn the dial according to the vibrations you want the necklace to give.

That way, you avoid the famous sudden shock and don’t cause your dog’s head to move, even during advanced training. This device’s disadvantage is that is made of nickel, some dogs sensitive to the skin can cause redness in the areas where this material is. If this happens, it is recommended that you change to one made of titanium material.

  • LCD display
  • 256 levels of smooth stimulation
  • ½ mile range trainer for dogs 5 pounds
  • Multidog
  • Not for smaller dogs

2) Waterproof Collar for Dogs w/3 Training Modes

PetSafe Remote Training Collar - 300 Yard (900 FT) Range - Collar Fits Medium or Large Dogs - Choose from Tone, Vibration, or 15 Levels of Static Stimulation for Training Off Leash Dogs
  • OFF-LEASH TRAINING: Safely train and correct your pup’s unwanted behaviors the moment they happen within a 300-yard range; system can expand for use with 2 dogs with purchase of additional collar
  • 3-IN-1 STIMULATION: Every dog is different – choose between audible tone, vibration and 15 levels of static for comfortable training (includes a safety lock feature for higher levels)
  • PERFECT SIZE REMOTE: The digital remote is waterproof, easy to read, has tactile buttons and is comfortable to hold for long periods of time
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY and QUICK CHARGING: Remote and collar charge within 2 hours, has up to a 40-hour battery life and includes a quick-charging USB cable
  • WATERPROOF AND LIGHTWEIGHT COLLAR: The adjustable training collar is made of comfortable polyester that fits dogs 8 lb and up with neck sizes 6-23 in; not for puppies under 6 months

Through this device, you can train your pet up to a distance of 1,600 feet (550 yards), ideal for use in outdoor spaces. Do you want to educate your dog, but without the need to hurt him with shocks? You should not worry about any of that; one of its great benefits is that the shock collar for dogs has a separate lock, so your friend does not suffer any damage, shock, or intense vibration that could scare him. The vibration intensity is gentle, just enough for your dog to obey your commands without hurting him.

Some of the features that can be praised for this Hunting Dog GPS Tracking System are: it has 0 to 16 static levels that you can choose to your liking, it has a remote control that accepts three receivers, it has three training modes (vibration, shock, and beep), its waterproof grade of waterproof is IPX7, the safety lock to prevent the dog from being hurt, among others.

The biggest disadvantage is that if the collar is placed on the animal incorrectly, it can damage the dog’s skin as it is too tight. Therefore, you must review the instructions before starting the training.

  • Adjustable Collar Strap
  • 1600Ft Remote Range
  • Good for All Breeds
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Comes in one color only

3) Garmin BarkLimiter 2VT – Automatic Bark Correction

Garmin BarkLimiter 2VT: Slim, rechargeable snap-on device for automatic bark correction with vibration and tone only, 010-01860-02
  • Works right out of the box to help deter nuisance barking -with up to 30-day life on rechargeable battery
  • Offers on-collar vibration and tone corrections; select either or both
  • Slim, convenient form factor of collar Device fits comfortably on dogs of all sizes  
  • Works with the Garmin CANINE app on your smartphone to let you adjust settings and review bark correction data
  • Use with the included Black Strap, or easily snap onto your dog’s existing collar (up to 1” wide and up to 0.12” thick)

From the moment you remove this collar from its packaging and put it on your dog, it will serve to deter the barking that it emits non-stop. It works through the Garmin application that you can download for free on your Smartphone without any problem.

The most notable characteristics that can be mentioned about this device are:

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts 30 days using it constantly,

It has both tone corrections and vibration in the neck (you can choose either of the two options), you can use it with The black strap that comes with the necklace, or you can adapt it to the necklace of the same that has 0.12 “thick and 1” wide.

Some of the very feasible benefits that this device offers you are that it can be adapted to dogs of any size, from the largest to the smallest, everyone will have the opportunity to use this collar. Also, by appropriating the device to your friend’s strap, you avoid being included in the box that does not work out for him. As well, being able to control the barking of this through your Smartphone or tablet, it will make you much more comfortable to carry wherever you go.

However, they sometimes fault that they are not activated when the dog is barking, while if the dog is doing some other activity such as eating or walking, they do notice suspicious movements.

  • 30-day life on rechargeable battery
  • Slim And Rechargeable
  • Black Strap
  • Becareful with settings

4) Educator E-Collar For 2 Dogs

Educator 1/2 Mile Remote Dog Training System Plus E-Collar 101 Training DVD, Safe Humane Stimulation, Pavlovian Tone, Waterproof, Odorproof Biothane Collar, Night Light, Rechargeable, 2 Dog, Yellow
  • E-Collar 101 off-leash four session training DVD included
  • ET-302-TV Bundle two dog system with 1/2 mile range, small receiver (2" x 1.5", 2.4 oz) for small to medium sized dogs 10 pounds and up with neck size 11-1/2 to 24 inches
  • Includes 2 Biothane dog collars, receivers and 1 Mini ergonomic "stopwatch" transmitter (2.64" diameter x 1.29" thick) is well-suited for small hands or in situations where discretion is important
  • Delivers a tapping sensation similar to vibration, but more intense, making it an effective addition to the stimulation
  • A Pavlovian tone feature provides an effective addition to the stimulation

Contains a 4.2 ft distance dog system. It is a very comfortable device for your pet to use; you will see that he will not feel discomfort when wearing it. This gives a striking sensation very similar to vibration, but more intense, which causes the results to be much more effective.

It has certain characteristics that distinguish it, such as it has a small receiver of 2 “x 1.5” x 1 “, 2.4 oz. It also has various stimulation levels ranging from 0 to 100, with an additional stimulus from 0 to 60 stimulations. It also comes with a very ergonomic mini stopwatch transmitter with measurements: 2.64″ in diameter x 1.29” thick.

This last feature is the one that most benefits the device since you can carry it wherever you go discreetly and store in a small bag without any problem. No one will have to know that you are wearing the transmitter. Similarly, this is also very useful for those who have small hands; it will be easy for them to carry it easily.

Despite all this, the biggest disadvantage of this device is that, for many people, it has been difficult to use because it has various configurations that, if you do not have much knowledge in them, can be difficult to use.

  • Four sessions training DVD included
  • Good for 2 dogs
  • Stopwatch Transmitter
  • Nothing Found!

5) Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle – Multi-dog Tracking GPS

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Includes Handheld and TT 15 Dog Device, Multi-dog Tracking GPS and Remote Training Device in One
  • High-Sensitivity GPS with GLONASS. Display size is 1.53 wide x 2.55 high in inches and 3 inch diagonal
  • Preloaded TOPO U.S. 100k maps.LED beacon lights and Rescue mode as well as Stimulation levels-Tone and Vibration
  • Battery life 20-40 hrs. Display type : transflective, 65-K color TFT touchscreen
  • Setup virtual boundaries on your map and receive an alert, automatically sends signal to recall
  • 1-inch black collar strap, 5-inches standard and 13-inches extended range antennas

This tracker has a complete kit so that your dog can learn the instructions you give him and follow your orders to the letter. Ideal for hunters who have their dear friend as a company to help them chase the other animals.

Some of its remarkable features are: it has 100K TOPO maps to guide you to track your dog wherever it goes, LED lights (very good to see in the dark), various levels of stimulation so you can decide the best one for your dog, and for you, vibration and tone.

At the same time, it also has a high sensitivity GPS to know the exact location where your dog is, with GLONASS, and the screen size is 1.53 “wide x 2.55” high and 3 “diagonally. The duration of its battery is 20 to 40 hours; the type of screen is 65 K TFT touch screen in a translucent color. It also comes with a 1 “black strap, a standard antenna, and a 13” extended range.

One of its greatest advantages is that you can configure the virtual limits that your dog cannot cross, through the map and, thus, sends you an automatic alert signal to remember the limit established in case your dog has passed it.

In the same way, with this product, you must be careful in terms of the GPS, since it can accidentally fall without you noticing, and thus can generate a big problem if your dog escapes from your home. The best thing you could do is put some duct tape on it to avoid inconvenience or some thread or cloth that can keep the GPS in place. Read complete review of Garmin Delta XC.

  • High-Sensitivity
  • Big Display size
  • Battery life 20-40 hrs
  • Setup virtual boundaries on your map
  • Poor user interface

What is a GPS Tracker and how it works?

A GPS also called the Global Positioning System, is a system by which you can locate any object, animal, or person, which carries it with it. In the dogs’ case, these devices are very helpful in monitoring the dog’s location and control that it does not escape from the place where it should be.

GPS trackers, in general, work through a network that has 25 satellites, approximately, that have aligned trajectories around planet Earth, which can tell you the exact location of what you want to find and that it has in GPS next to him.

The GPS can also send alert signals to your Smartphone if, in this case, your dog is outside the safe zone. You can follow live the steps that he takes and how many meters or kilometers away, he is from his home and closer or further away.

Installation is very simple, just put the strap that comes with the GPS on your dog, configure the established limits on your cell phone that should not be exceeded so that the application will notify you if it has left its safe area, and that’s it.

Easy, fast, simple, and that could save you many scares in the future. You no longer have to worry about your pet escaping from your home; thanks to the great technologies that have been implemented today, it is now much easier to find your dog. Save yourself the tears and get your GPS tracker.

Common Features of Dog Trackers for Hunting

Trackers for hunting dogs (where they normally use bloodhounds) have particular characteristics that distinguish them from other trackers. This type of dog must go through different activities than a common house dog would. They have to guide their owner to the animal he is looking for and accompany him in every area that he goes, which, more than anything, is in the forests.

For this reason, these dogs are exposed to go through another series of circumstances that would cause them to damage the tracker if it is not created for these situations. At the same time, it is also very important for its owner to constantly have his animal’s location so as not to lose it since in most cases, both must be separated to occupy more land and thus find the prey faster.

So, this time, we will talk about the most common characteristics that hunting dog trackers should have and that these give a more effective result when locating your dog.


This feature is essential for these trackers to carry, because your dog, thanks to the area where it can be found looking for prey, can walk on top of a puddle and get a little wet, for what the GPS must withstand the water. Like if it suddenly starts to rain in the place.

Location Update Time:

This is one of the most important factors when going out with your hunting dog. You must be constantly informed of its location to keep track of it and not lose it, so through your Smartphone, you must be informed in a matter of seconds about the location of your partner.

Have a flashlight incorporated:

This is a good plus that the tracker should have added. “Why is it so important that I have a flashlight if I go hunting during the day?”, You may ask, well, it is much better to prevent accidents than wait for them to happen. For this reason, it is very good that this device has a flashlight with it that allows you to visualize your dog at night in an unexpected situation where you have to go out with him in the dark.


The tracker must be resistant to any fall or blow that it may carry, since, for this type of work, it may happen that sometimes the dog has to run to hunt the target and that on the way, it may trip over various series of objects that he has not seen coming. So it is very beneficial that the tracker can withstand strong blows under some circumstances.

Great battery life:

You don’t know how important this factor is to hunting dog trackers. Sometimes a hunt can last for hours and hours until they can find a clue to the prey, so your GPS device must be fully charged and have a long duration so that it does not happen that in the middle of the search, the tracker turns off and you lose track of your dog. Try that the battery can last several days with its charge; some can last up to 30 days without being charged or, more or less time, it depends on the tracker you choose.

Try to be light:

The vast majority of trackers for hunting dogs, as for any dog, must be light so that it is easy for him to walk with him and it is not constantly bothering him, since, otherwise, the animal will continually try to get rid of it and will not adapt to it.

A subscription plan:

As usual, most dog trackers contain a subscription that must be paid from time to time to maintain the benefit. Try to keep your payments up to date so that no surprises happen, and the GPS stops providing its services, and more so with hunting dogs that must almost certainly have a tracker by which they can be easily located.

Benefits of Using Dog Tracker

Surely you are one of the people who love to walk with their dog on the street and have fun with the good experience, but perhaps your dog is still a bit restless and does not get used to walking alone without the leash. You should no longer be scared by these accidents since with GPS trackers for dogs, you can follow their location wherever they go. However, you still have doubts about whether acquiring this device would be a good idea for your friend and you because here we will answer your question as we will talk about the benefits of having a dog tracker.

You can know at all times where your friend is:

Through a dog tracker, you can always know the location of your dog, wherever it is. That would help you a lot if you are a person who travels constantly and you must leave your dog at home; you can find out where it is at all times from your Smartphone, you only have to download the application that they mention at the beginning when you buy your device, and that’s it. You will already know which sides of your house your dog is and if he left it unexpectedly.

You can wear the tracker on the collar:

Something useful for these animals since it will not bother them at all. You can put it on your favorite necklace or use the necklace that comes with the tracker; it is up to you. That way, you can go out with him anywhere and take his GPS with him. Also, as it is not such a large artifact, it will not be perceptible to the eye to go unnoticed.

Several do not need a SIM card:

The vast majority of trackers do not deserve to be fitted with a SIM card since they include some plans that you can opt for and will bring you the benefit of seeing the history of the position of your animal, follow its movements in real-time, share the GPS tracker with other devices, among many other benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do GPS trackers really work?

Of course, yes. Some trackers are better than others; that depends on the brand you choose if it is true of the highest quality. But we can assure you that these artifacts are the most reliable and will help you a lot when it comes to knowing your dog’s location.

How far off can GPS be?

The GPS can be at any distance, and you can see its location through your Smartphone. However, it should be noted that the signal from it, depends on the tracker; it may fail if your dog is between walls or if the environment is humid.

Can they provide a real-time location?

Clear! That is one of its greatest advantages; you can know your pet’s location in real-time at all times.

How accurate is GPS height?

This depends on the tracker you have chosen for your dog. Sometimes, some have better precision than others, but it is almost instantaneous for the most part.

Can I track my dog by his microchip?

Unfortunately, microchip technology does not allow you to monitor your dog constantly. These work as identifiers so that, if someone finds it, they can take them to a clinic or center where there is a scanner and see their identification data. More does not allow you to know the location in which you are at all times.


In the end, you can tie up the loose ends you had and confirm if this device is what you need for your pet. We hope that this information has been useful to you and you will soon obtain one of these products. Do not miss out on giving your friend the best protection and peace of mind for yourself.

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