How to Train Dog with Remote Collar?

How to Train Dog with Remote Collar?

How to Train Dog with Remote Collar?

There are many ways to implement good training for a dog. One is to use a remote collar to execute some basic commands on a dog. This can provide them with more intelligent behavior by eliminating some destructive behaviors. To do this, some basic steps must be performed.

How to Train Dog with Remote Collar?

To train your dog with a remote collar you need to follow these steps and in this way, it’s become easier for you to manage everything.

1. Incorporate the Device

The first and most important thing is to check that the remote collar is the best size for a dog. The collar should be adjusted in a limited way so that this implementation does not squeeze the dog’s throat too much. 

There are different simulation methods, such as static stimulation, vibration, or sound tone. In any case, you should start with light stimulation and increase the intensity only if it is essential. Once this has been prepared and the user has a remote control or the app on their smartphone, they can continue.

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2. Command “sit.”

This is one of the commands that can be taught easily and quickly. The training of this command can be applied together with a “stay” behavior. The stimulation button should be activated with the remote control while verbalizing the “sit” command. If the stimulation level is correct, the dog will pay attention without being startled.

A treat should be held on the other hand. The user should approach the dog. This way, the joy is born just above the nose. When they raise their nose, their tail drops, and they sit. When a dog has sat down, the user should stop pressing the button.

This procedure must be done several times so that the dog can learn to sit without the need for a treat. So the final step of this command is to remove the charm and repeat the procedure to sit when they hear the order.

3. Command “bed.”

Undoubtedly, this is one of the essential commands when visitors come to a home. Many dogs get very restless and fussy when anyone comes to visit. This can be a real problem whenever anyone comes to a home, even if it is just the mailman or a pizza delivery person.

Incorporating this command lets your dog know where his specific place to stay is at any given time. Using a collar and leash, press the stimulation button and lead the dog to his bed. At the same time, the command “bed” should be verbalized. 

However, other commands can also be incorporated for the same behavior. Many people prefer to choose the word house or place to indicate the space that belongs to a dog and where he should stay when his owner decides.

Once the dog arrives at his place or bed, the stimulation button should be released. Once your dog is in his bed, the owner should move a few meters away. It is necessary to observe each dog’s behavior to know if they get up again and leave their place. 

The stimulation button should be pressed again, and the user should move towards the dog when he or she moves away from his or her bed. Press and hold the stimulation button and repeat the command “bed” or the word chosen for this procedure. It may be helpful to repeat this procedure as often as necessary for the dog to learn what to do. 

4. Command “come” Without Verbalization

Many people want to walk a dog in a park or a huge place. When the owner calls his dog, the pet usually ignores this command. They may even take it as a game, so the dog will keep running anywhere. To avoid this, the following command can be performed.

Implement the use of a beep or vibration from the remote control. It is recommended to teach this command right after conducting a dog the previous regime. So it would be best if you started by asking a dog to sit. 

While the dog remains sitting, the user should move a few meters away. By pressing the vibration tone button, the user should call his dog. Once the dog gets utterly close to the user, the stimulation button should be released. 

It is recommended to repeat this procedure a few times for the dog to assimilate the situation. This will let a dog know that the factor produced by the collar, either vibration or sound, means approaching its owner.

5. Behaviour off-leash “heel.”

Walking is another critical time for a dog, and this is where they can demonstrate lousy behavior. Bad manners when they are on a leash can be noticed in their anxiety and constant pulling. You can avoid this continuous tugging behavior using the remote collar to modify this bad habit.

The stimulation button should be pressed while pulling the dog’s leash. In this way, the user will locate the exact place where he wants his dog to walk during a leash walk. Here the “heel” command can be incorporated while the owner places his dog next to him. When the dog is at the owner’s side, the stimulation button should be released.

Most likely, this procedure needs to be repeated a few times. This is how they can understand which behavior to adopt when walking. Even other commands can be applied following the same logic of remote collar training. 

Good results are not obtained when the stimulation is too high. This creates confusion, anxiety, and discomfort in any dog. For them to learn correctly, a moderate level of motivation is needed.

We can mention other handy commands to teach a dog:

  • Stay
  • Lying down
  • Bring
  • Search
  • Drop
  • Go
  • Jump

Final Words:

Implementing these commands to a dog will allow them to adopt a more relaxed attitude at crucial moments in everyday life. Relaxation and patience are fundamental to obtain efficient training.

Of course, love towards a pet is a critical factor that they know how to value. All this will improve a dog’s behavior and the relationship with its owner.

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