How to train a dog to stay?

Dogs are energetic animals that get too attached to their master. It is not surprising to see a dog that follows where ever the master goes. These animals are even dubbed as the master’s shadow. This is why teaching the dog to stay in one place is very necessary especially if you do not want him to follow because it can endanger the life of the dog. However, training the dog to stay can be the hardest among the basic obedience trainings. Dogs are naturally energetic. Unless they are sleeping you can not expect the dog to be still in one place. Teaching the dog to stay is rather difficult. Unlike the sit, come, fetch, heel and other obedience lessons that necessitate the dog to perform a certain action, the stay command will teach the dog to do nothing but to hold still.

Select a suitable place where you can train the dog. It has to be one with few distractions. A fenced in yard would be a good choice but if one is not available you can have the dog leashed. Have an ample supply of the dog’s favorite treats to be used as reward. Dogs, like humans are motivated by rewards to perform well. Teaching the dog to stay on command would be easier if the dog already responds to the sit command. Give the sit command. With the palm of your hand in front of the dog’s face give the “stay” command in a brisk firm voice. Training the dog to stay is different from teaching the dog to do tricks where your voice and attitude can be kind of cajoling. The authoritative voice will tell the dog that you mean business… that he has to follow the command. The stay command can be a life saving command that has to be learned by the pet.

Take your hand away from the dog’s face and wait a few seconds to see if the dog has stayed. Give the reward. The dog may stand and break the stay. Correct the dog at once by placing one hand on the chest and the other in the rear end of the dog. Say stop! Get the dog back to the sitting position and again give the stay command. Remember to release the dog a few seconds after it has obeyed your stay command. The duration of the stay can be increased as the training progresses and the dog starts to master the command.

The next level of the training is to inch away from the dog while it is in the stay position. Let the dog stay in the same position longer. Always praise and reward the dog after it has behaved well. The treat and the praise will be associated by the dog to obeying the command.

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