How to train a dog to come when called?

Training a dog to come when called is one of the basic obedience lessons that would benefit both the dog and the owner. Most dogs get so attached to the owner so much so that that they would follow the master whenever he goes. However, this is not an assurance that the dog would come when called. Most dogs spend their lives leashed or cooped inside the house or crate. If ever allowed off leash, owners make sure that they are on a securely fenced yard. Of course this is for the safety of the pet. However, when the pet happens to break free from the leash or when it has gained access to the streets, owners find it hard to recall the dog. It’s party time for the dog! It is after all wonderful to be free, to investigate the surroundings, to run freely unrestricted by a leash. Being free on the streets though would be dangerous to the dog. This is why it is extremely necessary to train the dog to come when called.

Training a dog can start at any age but it would be easier to train a puppy that has not yet formed bad habits. To train the dog you would need to choose a location with minimum distractions. Dogs get easily distracted by noise and by other people. You will also need a supply of the dog’s favorite treats or a toy to lure the pet to participate in the training sessions. Play with the dog before you begin the training session. This will make the dog more responsive to the training. By making the training fun and enjoyable, the dog will think that it is a continuation of your game.

Ask a family member or a friend to help you train the dog. Put the dog on a leash and let your friend walk the dog a little distance away from you. About 50 meters away from you, call the dog’s name in an excited voice while showing the dog’s favorite toy. “Fido, Come”. Your friend should release the dog. For sure, the dog would come bounding enthusiastically to you. Praise the dog lavishly and offer a treat. The point of the exercise is to entice the dog to come to you whenever you call. The dog will think that you are playing a game because of your excited voice and gestures. The process must be repeated several times until the dog has almost perfected obeying the come command.

The next level of the training is to remove the reward and the leash. You can train the dog in a well fenced yard. Allow the dog to run freely. Then call the dog to come. A well trained dog will come to you no matter what it is doing. Praise the dog enthusiastically.

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