How to train a dog not to bite?

There are lots of things one must know when they own a dog. Dogs are super great animals and make terrific pets. A dog is one of the most loyal and loving creatures on planet Earth and can be as rewarding to have as a child. However, there are things one must be concerned about as well, when they own a dog. One of these things that a dog owner must consider is if their dog bites or not. Several dogs bite for a number of different reasons and the following will go over ways to stop your dog from biting too much.

Puppies love to chew on things as a way to explore and have fun. Just like a human baby, oral exploration is a way to discover the world. If you don not train a puppy the rules to biting and chewing at a young age, they will turn into adult dog confused about what is right and wrong to bite. It is important to teach your puppy not to bite so that you don’t have to deal with the problem later on. For adult dogs that do bite, there is ways to stop this form occurring.

The first thing you will want to do is understand why an adult dog is biting. Dogs are pack animals and if an adult dog is biting, they are probably confused about their role in the family. They may bite you because they feel like they are superior to you and feel threatened that you are trying to take that place. A way to stop this is by simply not allowing the dog to walk in front of you. If you walk through a door, always walk first into it. Don’t pet your dog when they come and demand it from you and always eat before you let your dog eat. This builds the idea that you are the alpha in the family and this should eliminate them from biting.

Another way to train a dog not to bite is by allowing your dog to meet as many people as possible. Try and walk your dog everyday while allowing people to pet and introduce themselves to your dog. This will build trust with people and eliminate the possibility of feeling threatened when they see a stranger. Biting is a bad habit some dogs do and it is important that you handle the problem as soon as possible for your safety and those around you.

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