How to train a dog not to bark?

Dogs are some of the best animals on the entire planet. They are cute and warm and are very loving. Among these great qualities, dogs are very loyal and have the ability to sense your current mood and accommodate your needs. A dog is considered a man’s best friend because they will always be there for you when you need them. With all the great advantages that comes with owning a dog, there is one draw back. Some dogs will want to bark their heads off all the time for no reason. There is a way to stop this for dog owners who do not wan tot part with their companion over a lousy barking problem.

The first thing one must consider when they realize that their dog has a barking problem is why their dog is barking so much. The reason some dogs bark is because they are bored and have nothing better to do. In some cases, when a dog barks their owner lets them in the house. This instills in the dog’s mind that barking gets desired results. Figure out why your dog is barking so much before attempting to tame the problem.

When trying to stop the barking problem, try and give your dog some more exercise. It maybe that they are just restless and need to spell off some energy for them to tire out. Make sure that you are giving your dog plenty of attention and love. Older dogs who bark a lot usually feel alone and are seeking the attention they rightfully deserve. In some situations, a dog will bark because they are afraid of something. Make sure the area you keep your dog in is free of anything that may spook your dog and cause them to bark excessively.

If more exercise and love doesn’t help, try and take them to a obedience school. These institutions should teach your dog to stop barking as well as other nifty little things that will make your dog really enjoyable. If obedience class is not a good idea for you, one can opt for the citronella collar which will send a shock to the dog everytime they bark. It is somewhat mean and cruel so don’t overuse this piece of equipment. Try it out for a week or so and it should work. Too much barking can be annoying to the owner and the neighbors, so try and handle the problem as easily as possible.

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