How to teach a dog to do tricks?

Everyone who owns a dog loves to show off their great pet if they have the ability to do super sweet tricks. The old saying goes that one can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This statement could not be any further from the truth. However, it is harder to teach old dogs new tricks versus a puppy but all dogs have the ability to learn new things regardless of how old they are. In addition, tricks are fun for the dog to do because after they do one successfully, you should give them plenty of praise and maybe even a treat, and dogs love this.

There are plenty of tricks one can teach a dog that will whooo your friends and family. The most basic tricks one can teach a dog is to sit, roll over, and walk like a human. These tricks may seem a bit mundane but understand that when a dog learns to this, this means that they have the ability to learn even more complex tricks. Some of the more cool tricks one can teach their dog is to beg, shake hands, and shake their head like they are saying no. These tricks are easy to teach and they can be very fun for the dog as well as everyone who witnesses the amazing display.

If you are trying to teach your dog how to shake hands, here is a quick overview on how to do it. Start with your dog in the sitting position. Giving the verbal command “shake,” outstretch your right hand until it is a few inches in front of your dog’s right leg. Your outstretched hand is the nonverbal cue for this trick. Us your left hand to put your dog’s right paw in your right hand. Remember to give plenty of praise when doing this and eventually your dog will learn how to shake hands on cue.

That is just one trick out of the many one can teach their dog. Dogs are one of the smartest creatures to roam Earth. They have the ability to learn anything you want basically. When teaching a dog a trick, just give plenty of praise and be patient. Dogs of all ages have the ability inside themselves to be able to learn any new trick you want as long as they can physically do it. Always have treats on hand and a happy voice and your dog will be able to learn tricks you never thought of.

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