How to stop your neighbours’ dog from barking?

One thing that everyone can agree on is that dogs are great creatures. Maybe not everyone likes a dog but one can’t deny the great benefits one get when owning a pet dog. Dogs are one of the most loyal and loving animals on the entire planet. They always have that ability to notice how you are feeling and accommodate your needs. Most people who live in a residential area have a pet dog or know a neighbor who has a dog. The one downfall about some dogs is that they bark a whole lot. So what do you do if your neighbor’s dog is barking super crazy? The following will go over a few helpful hints in order to stop your neighbor’s dog from barking so much.

The first thing you will want to attempt to do is to stay anonymous and tell your landlord or your home owner’s association about the problem. These officials will them do your dirty work for you and warn your neighbors that their dog is barking too much. If this doesn’t work, one can write an anonymous letter saying that their dog is being a bit loud and it would be nice if you would show some respect for your neighbors and hush your puppy up a bit. Don’t be threatening in this letter but have it be assertive enough that it will drive home a point.

If these two solutions don’t work you can decide to go to the neighbors yourself and have a friendly chat with them. Tell them that their dog is disturbing everyone and it would be nice if they would control their dog a little bit more. Let’s say you are afraid of your neighbor or they just want listen to you, one can plant a Super Bark Stop to sop the barking yourself. A super bark stop will effectively work fifty feet away from where the dog usually barks at and it will send a high pitch sound that only dogs can hear when they bark. Aim it at where the dog usually is and after awhile, the loud dog will begin to associate the high pitch noise with his bark and will eventually stop.

In the rare case this doesn’t work or if you don’t agree with this strategy, on should contact the authorities and keep a log of the dog’s barking in order to keep record of all the barking the dog does. This is important in the case you feel like you need to take the neighbors to court to stop the problem. In most cases, the problem never reaches the point of court or the authorities.

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