How to put on a dog harness?

There are many toys one can own when it comes to owning a dog. One of these great fun items a person can use when having a dog is a dog harness. Now one may ask, why is a dog harness considered such a great thing to have? The answer is super simple. For large breed dogs like a pit bull who have large necks but small heads, it can be very easy for them to slip out of a collar or leash. A harness allows for more control of a dog like this. For some small dog owners harnesses become a medical necessity due to a sensitive or collapsing trachea, dogs with bronchitis or upper respiratory diseases. Regardless, harnesses are cool for dogs.

There are many different types of dog harness one can purchase, thus meaning that there are many different ways to put on a dog harness. Some harnesses are made with velcro, so all you have to do is slip the harness over the dogs chest and through their legs and stitch it up after the dog is in place. There are the type of harnesses that are adjustable to different dog sizes and all you have to do is slide the harness over the dogs head and body. Then you adjust the harness to be tight and comfortable on the dog. It is as easy as one two three.

There are a number of things that you should consider when selecting th right harness for your dog. First you want to choose a good looking harness that will match your dog’s personality. If you have a bog pit bull that really looks like it can handle his business, then a spiked harness might be appropriate. Another thing to look for in a harness is safety. Make sure the harness isn’t to big but not too small so that you are suffocating the poor dog. Make sure the adjustable buckles are firm and won’t slip and pinch the dogs skin.

When owning a dog, there are many fun things that come with having a dog as a pet. One of the great things one gets to do if they want is to buy a dog harness and put it on their dog. Make sure you know how to put on a dog harness before you attempt to do it so that you do not harm the dog.

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