How to paper train a dog?

Training a dog must be started from day one. Dogs are great to have around. These devoted and loyal animals love unconditionally. However, a dog is also a big responsibility. A dog needs training to be an ideal pet. When you get a new puppy it is expected that it would have accidents inside the home. At least for the first few weeks, you will need to clean the mess of the dog as the cute fur ball would have no idea where the bathroom is and would not know the difference between the lawn and the carpet. There are two methods to potty train the new dog and paper training and crate training. These two methods of training are equally effective. Some owners consider crate training to be a faster method of house training the dog but paper training is usually the choice of owners without access to a yard or those living in high rise buildings. Paper training is the option of elderly or unwell dog owners who will find taking the dog outside every now and then an encumbrance. Because crate training is a labor intensive method, busy dog owners that do not have ample time to supervise the dog opt for paper training. Paper training however, is not recommended for large breeds due to the large messes that they will create.

How is paper training done? You need to select a room, preferably one that has a tiled or a linoleum floor. Bathrooms or laundry rooms are most suitable choices. Cover about a quarter of the floor with layers of newspapers. The idea is for the paper to be thick enough so that the dog’s urine will not seep onto the floor. Because the dog will be confined in this room for quite a while, it is advisable to have the feeding bowl, the sleeping blanket as well as the toys of the puppy in the room. Be sure to put these things far from the newspapers. Dogs would not want to eliminate near their beds. At the start of the training you need to stay with the puppy. Puppies walk in circles and sniff the floor when they are about to eliminate. Bring the pup to the pile of newspapers at once and tell the dog “Pee” or “Go Potty”. At first the dog may not understand you but later on the phrase will be associated by the dog to doing its business. Praise and reward the dog for the dog for using the paper. Positive reinforcement is always a useful tool in any kind of training. You need to clean the mess of the dog but be sure to leave a few sheets. Dogs would want to eliminate in the same area where they can smell their poop and urine.

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