How to name your dog?

Looking for a name for your new four legged furry friend? There are thousands of names to choose from. Some names can be as unimaginative as Dog, while some can be as ludicrous as Miss Superfragelistic. You can choose a movie star’s name or name the dog after famous personalities. You can choose Biblical names as well as amusing names. Though you have to consider the fact that the name you will choose will stick to the dog for the rest of its life. Did you know that is most likely that dogs will be called by its name more that 30,000 times? Dogs are intelligent creatures and do you think your dog will appreciate being called Ugly or Gluttonia?

Most dog owners would consider the personality, the breed, the size and what the dog will be used forin picking out a name. Will the dog be a hunter, a guard dog, a therapy dog, a search and rescue canine or a pet? It would be quite easy to choose a name for a dog that will be used as a watch dog or a guard dog. The same goes with a hunting dog as well. Guard and Knight are some of the most common names for a guard dog in the same manner that Hunter is for a hunting dog. The name should convey the personality or the proper image of the dog. No one would complain if the dog is named Klutz but do you think it would be an apt name for a search and rescue dog?

Choosing a name for the dog is fun. As there is no hard and fast rule on how to pick the appropriate name for the dog you can choose anything you can call your dog. However some valuable tips can help you choose the appropriate name for your dog. First off is to choose a name that can be easily pronounced. How will you teach the dog to respond to a name that you can hardly say? Be sure to stick to the name you have given to the pet. Changing the name every now and then will confuse the dog. It would be better if the name chosen would not sound like a command as this will also confuse the pet. Fits is a good name for a hale and hearty dog but it can be confusing to the pet as it would sound like a fetch or sit command. You have a lot of names to choose from so avoid opting for a word that can give a derogatory meaning or a negative repute to the dog. Dogs are intelligent creatures. A name that has a negative implication will most likely be said in an insulting manner. Surely you wouldn’t want your pet to dislike you!

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