How to introduce a new dog?

There are numerous things one must consider when they are thinking about adding a new dog into their homes. When adopting a new dog, there is more involved then just choosing a dog and bringing them home and thinking everything is going to be all hunky dory. One must consider how the dog will react to other family members and pets that already live at home. There are many ways to introduce a dog into our family and to other dogs and animals.

The first thing you will want to consider is your family when getting a new dog. Especially if you have kids and infants, it is very important that you watch your new dog around these individuals. Several times children bother the dog to the point where they bite back because the kids are invading the dog’s space. As long as everyone in your family treats the dog respectably and with plenty of love, the dog will usually show the same amount of love back.

When it comes to introducing a new dog to existing dogs in the family, you must be somewhat cautious. Dogs are pack creatures and are very territorial. The best thing to do is walk your new dog around the house on a leash and introduce that dog to the other dogs while they are on a leash as well. Be as relaxed as possible during this situation, dogs can sense anxiety and they often times become stressed out as well. Make this meeting as fun as possible with treats and a happy, cheerful voice. The dogs will feed off this happy energy and hopefully they will bond in the process.

It is very important not to just throw a dog into your home without taking some precautions. Be aware of the environment that the new dog is entering and make sure that is is free of any major stresses. Welcoming a dog into a high stress home can make the dog unpleasant and very irritable. Watch your kids around he dog and make sure they are treating the dog with lots of love. When it comes to introducing your new dog to preexisting dogs, make sure you do it in a comfortable environment. The less anxiety and stress that is involved in the first encounter, the more likely they will hit it off and become friends. Introducing a new dog into your home is a super thing to do, but make sure to be aware of everything before you do.

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