How to house train your dog?

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How to house train your dog?

A dog is a man’s best friend and many individuals love to have them around at all times. Several people have outside dogs or inside dogs. Some dogs are both inside and outside dogs, so when it comes to housebreaking or training them, it is very vital. It is important to housebreak your dog and train them properly so they don’t run amuck and chew up all your possessions and pee and poop in undesignated areas. There are several different ways to do this and the following will go over a couple tips to help one out.

When one decides to house break or train their dog they must be fully committed to this task. Remember that if you can’t be disciplined enough to maintain a routine and schedule, how can you expect your dog to be? In the case where you have a puppy, it is essential that you allow plenty of nap times in between training. When house breaking a dog, it usually takes about six weeks or so in order to break old habits, so be prepared to endure the long haul process.

The first thing you want to do is to schedule a bed time and a wake up time for the dog. This is usually when you get up and go to bed. When a dog is used to this routine, they normally can hold on to their urine and poop overnight. When you wake up, take them outside so that they can handle their business. In the case where your dog has to pee or poop inside the house, find a designated area by the toilet in your home where they can do their business. If they do miss their spot, firmly but quietly say “No!” and take them to the designated bathroom area. Over time they should be come used to this spot and take care of their bodily functions there.

When training and house breaking your dog, pay attention to what they do and they will pay attention to what you do. This basically means that when you are in a relaxed state the dog will be in a relaxed state and when you want to play they will want to play. It is almost like feeding off each others routine and schedules. For the most part house breaking a dog is pretty easy. As long as you treat the dog right with plenty of love, and you feed them properly, they will usually be good inside the house.

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