How to get rid of wet dog smell?

There are countless different smells in the world that one would rather not ever have to sniff inside their nose and have to deal with the horrible experience of the unpleasantness of the particular odor. There is the awful smell of a fart, the smell of really bad body odor, the steaming scent that comes with sitting vomit, and then there is the nasty odor of wet dog fur. Everyone knows the great joys that come from owning a pet dog. They are great companions and will always be there for you when you need them. However, once you get your particular dog wet, watch out! You may be knocked on our behind like a Mike Tyson uppercut to the gut. There are ways to get rid of this horrible wet dog odor if you really want to know.

The wet dog odor is made up of wet dog fur as well as built up bacterias on the dog itself. Simply drying your dog off with a towel is not the solution, because it will not eliminate the bacteria on the dog’s body. In addition, particular breeds of dogs will smell more than others when wet too. Take for example the hound dog, they exude more body oils than other dogs so when they get wet they have a really gross odor. Other dogs such as retrievers love to roll around in dirt and nasty smelling things so when you get them wet, they stink real bad. A good way to eliminate this smell is to wash your dog and then to blow dry them.

Using a towel to dry your dog is a bad idea because the odor that is on them stays on them. So a way to rid your dog of wet dog odor is to blow dry them. This is effective because blow dryers kill the bacteria that causes the horrible odor. In addition, if you use grooming sprays on your dog to rid the nasty odor on their body. These grooming sprays are effective to use in between baths so that your dog will stay smelling clean at all times.

There are countless other chemical products one can purchase in order to mask the smell of wet dog odor inside their house, on their furniture, and in the air. Regardless of what product you use, most items only mask the smell produced bad a wet dog. It is important to always keep your dog clean and bathe them on a regular basis in order to not have to deal with the wet dog odor.

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