How to get rid of dog ear mites?

One of the best animals in the entire world is a dog. Dogs make great pets and can be a vital member of the family. It is important to keep your dog as safe and as healthy as possible in order to give them a better chance to live the long lasting life that they deserve. It is important to always keep track of your dogs health because you never know when they may have something that you don’t know about. A common problem that many dogs have from time to time is ear mites.

Ear mites are tiny infectious organisms that are basically like microscopic ticks. Ear mites are hard to see with the naked eye, but if you do look real hard you may notice a small white dot. When your dog has ear mites, you will notice a dry black ear discharge that looks like coffee grounds coming from the infected area. These ear mites live on the surface of the ear and eat ear wax and skin oils and live for about two months. Though it is rare for your dog to get ear mites, when detected it is vital that you take them to the veterinarian’s office right away.

You local veterinarian will be the only one who will be able to fully diagnose a dog with ear mites and have the proper medicine to eliminate these nasty little things. There are over the counter products that one can purchase, but these products are not able to kill the incubating mite eggs that will hatch. The treatment usually takes about three weeks to fully eliminate the threat. Another option of medicine is to opt for the veterinarian powered topical products that contain antibiotics which will kill the eggs as well as the existing mites. This treatment takes about ten to fourteen days to fully work and get rid of the ear mite problem. If the case you want to get rid of the mites as soon as possible, there is an injection treatment that will eradicate the mites in a few days time. The injection is contains Invermectin, which is a super ingredient to kill parasites like ear mites. Keep in mind however, this injection is not FDA approved and a number of sensitive dogs can not take this injection because they will get sick form it.

Regardless of the method you choose in order to rid you dog of ear mites, it is important you take them to the vet when you think your dog has them. The sooner you eliminate the problem, the sooner your dog will be completely healthy and happy. Remember your dog is a part of the family and it is vital that you treat them like they are one of you kids. Get the right medicine or treatment to rid your dog of ear mites.

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