How to get rid of dog dander?

Skin flakes or dog dander is capable of causing allergic reactions similar to wheezing, sneezing, and running nose and eyes.

Dog allergies are considered less familiar than allergies from other types of pet kept in modern households. It is a popular belief that dog hairs are responsible to our allergic reactions. However, experts believe otherwise. They feel that it is the dog dander that is the eventual cause of our allergic reactions. Again, the licking of dog can also have allergic reactions on your body. Still, they are not as threatening as the dander released by their body.

How is dander released into the environment?

Dogs are amongst those animals, which are more frequent in scratching their bodies. It is this habit that makes these allergy elements released into the atmosphere. Their excessive scratching habits might be due to the fact that they are allergic to certain things in your home. Numerous things can cause them to scratch their body. However, the common amongst all of them is mold. You should note that their cause might also be the root of your allergy too. Henceforth by finding its root cause, both you and your dog will be saved from this menace.

Conventional method for finding out the root cause of allergy

Prior to making your dog scapegoat for the allergy of your family members, try to find out that are they really responsible for it. You can find this out by removing the allergic member from the environment in which the pet is residing and then make notice of any improvement in their condition. You can also opt for consulting your allergists.

Basic controlling method

If dander allergies have been confirmed, avoidance is the accepted method to keep it under control. You can also opt for having a new pet for yourself. However, it has been found that allergens stay in the environment for up to 6 months after removal of the source.

Practical and more acceptable methods for allergy removal

It is actually very difficult to remove a dog from your family and practically it has valid reasons. We have a relation built around them that takes more than an allergic reaction to break. If you are unwilling to part with the dog. The following hints can help in reduction of exposure to allergens similar to dog dander:

  • Bar the dog from your bedroom and especially dogs who spends long hours outside.
  • If you have an allergy, you should avoid petting, hugging or kissing dogs loosing dander.
  • Keep them off your furniture, mainly upholstered ones where their dander is mostly transferred.
  • Wear protective gloves and masks while grooming the dog.
  • Change clothing after playing or grooming with your pets and keep these clothes out of your bedroom. If possible use allergen washing elements for washing them.
  • Wash your hands, arms and face after spending time with your pet in order to remove the dander.
  • Use anti-allergic shampoos, solutions, dust sprays and other similar items for keeping a clean environment.
  • Using vacuum cleaners often can also help the environment remain free from dog dander.

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