How to get rid of dog breath?

Bad breath is a turn off for anyone. Even if the person you love the most is having it, you will try to avoid them.Dogs are no exception. In such cases, you and most members of your family members start to maintain distance for them. Such situation leads your pet to feel left alone and eventually might bring about unusual reaction from his end. This can be avoided if you can get to the root of the problem and remove it completely.

What causes bad breath?

We pay little attention to the reason behind the problem of bad breath. It can be an indication of a major disease that is growing in size inside their body.

Deteriorated gum and teeth bonesThe most common problem causing bad breath is periodontal disease. It is a serious type of deterioration that is noticed in the gums and the supporting teeth bones. This might eventually lead to your dog having trouble in chewing.

Improper Digestive System

Another thing that can cause bad breath is stomach trouble. After a continuous intake of improper food, your dog is bound to have a stomach trouble. This can lead to the dog having a fould smelling breath. If the problems is continuously ignored, the digestive system is bound to get affected.

How to get rid of dog breath?

Although these problems seem very small. They can have unhealthy effect on their body. Let us take a look at some precautions that you can take to prevent your dog from having bad breath and in the process also fight the hidden diseases.

Consult a veterinarian

Whenever you feel that the smell of the breath of your dog is worsening, it is the time to consult a veterinarian. Vets are the best judge of finding out the root cause of a dogs troubles. Most professionals advise checkup on a scheduled basis. This will limit the chances of a serious disease growing inside your dogs body.

Proper Dental Care

Whenever vets discover that a dental problem is responsible for the dogs bad breath, they usually prescribe the following for your dog:

  • Use quality toothpastes for brushing their teeth. This strengthens the gums and teeth bones of your dog.
  • Use sprays and mouthwashes for their teeth. In some cases, it is tough to brush the gums and teeth bones of your dogs. Using these alternative products, you can easily get your desired result.
  • Use dental cleanings through vets. In some cases when the situation of their teeth is bad, vets prefer dental cleaning. However, it is advised to choose the best person for the job otherwise it can be tough on your dog.

Alter food habits

If the diagnosis shows troubled digestive system as the cause of bad breath, vets often advise altering the food habits of your dog. If the problem persists, then a more thorough checkup is usually recommended.

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