How to get rid of a dog you no longer want?

The affection that we have for our pets, especially dogs, cannot be penned. We accept them as our family members and as such allow them to become an integral part of our life. Once you get the animal in your family, it takes more than courage to throw him out of it.

Why should we get rid of our pets?

There are situations where you have to think above your affection towards them. It could be for any of the following reasons.

  • They have grown too old and are nearing death. Experts believe that we cannot easily take the death of our pets.
  • Their barking is becoming too disturbing for the liking of the neighbors. It is the time when all your trainings cannot help in reducing the noise factor.
  • They are becoming a source of allergic reactions in your family. Here, you need to give first preference to your family members as these allergies can take dangerous shapes.

Reassure yourself

Give this decision of yours a major priority. You should reconfirm that you really do want to get rid of your dog. Although it sounds insignificant, you or other family members can get emotionally affected. You should take consult everyone prior to making the decision.

Although all these reasons are good enough for getting rid of your dog, practically it is almost not possible. Some owners are so obsessed with their pets that they consider the pets welfare above their family members. However, you can do it. Experts have come out with certain steps for making this decision easier.

Try to give them to your friend or a responsible family

It is not wise to leave your dog in the middle of the road. Also giving it to a complete stranger will also not help. As you cannot vouch for their well-being. Hence, choosing a friend or a responsible family is always a sound idea. By doing this you will always have a sense of relaxation about the welfare of your dog.

It is not always possible to find a responsible family for your dog and it might be that you are in a hurry to get rid of him. In such cases, you can always post signs outside your home about the availability of a dog in your home. If you are in luck, it might come in notice of a family needing one. Another option is toput an ad in the newspaper. Although it can be a comparatively costly affair, the result is likely to to fullfill your desire. Before choosing a new owner. Make sure they are good candidates for owning a dog and will treat it right.

One thing, which many experts or psychologists in this field feel, is that you should try to find a new family in a place where you rarely pay a visit. If you find one in the same area, it will be psychologically tough both for you and the dog to remain separated from each other.

Allthough this is a very tough decision. You should still remember that it is a decision taken for both your own and your dogs benefit.

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