How to get a dog to stop barking?

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How to get a dog to stop barking?

Barking of dogs is a part of their normal behavior. However, it can never be accepted by your neighbors as it creates disturbance in their relaxation. It is unrealistic and unfair expecting dogs to be completely mute. Still, there are certain steps that you can take for minimizing it to a certain degree.

Barking when you are not around

Most dogs starts barking when their owners are not around them and they are not getting their basic requirements according to the daily routine. Prior to leaving your home, you should assure that you do have all the necessary things ready for your dog: Food & water should be placed beside him and a comfortable bed is formed for his relaxation. Also, he should be kept away from the sight of other pets from the neighborhood.

Try to become excellent role models

Most owners do not believe it but it is true that dogs give less consideration to the words coming out from our mouth. They are only concerned with the manner in which they are being said. When you are overdoing it by continuously assuring them that there is nothing to worry and you will come back soon, the situation might get worse.

Greeting him in an excited manner can make him realize that it is a big deal staying alone. In turn, he might reduce his barking to a minimum level.

Avoid petting dogs continuously

It is often difficult to stop petting or praising your dog. However, it has great end results. You should pet only when you receive correct response to your commands. This makes them act better when you command them to stop barking as they will do their best to please you.

Train them to stay alone for shorter periods

When you minimize the praising habits, your pet starts to understand there is no problem in staying without being in touch with you for shorter periods of time. You can buy them some chewing toys so they do not get bored. Getting them distracted in this manner and slowly leaving the room will make them start accepting the fact that you are not present.

Stop greeting him bye

This habit can easily be acquired by following the given steps:

  • Wake up early by ten minutes on the day when you are planning an outing
  • Feed the pet and give him a chewy toy for distraction.
  • While walking out for your work, try ignoring your dog and do not wave him bye.
  • After coming back from work, go through your regular routine and keep on ignoring him.
  • After settling down, go to your dog and give him a command.
  • If he responds correct, praise him.

Following this routine, will minimize the effect of being alone when you are out for a considerable period of time.

Some of these habits are tough to conduct, as they require ignoring your dog. However you should know that with patience, your pet will get more disciplined. Much to the liking of you and your neighbors.

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