How to euthanize a dog?

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How to euthanize a dog?

Every dog owner should face up with the stark and harsh reality that dogs grow and age faster than us human beings. The small puppy that you brought home has grown into a big dog and before you realize it, has already reached old age. Old age brings its share of health problems and suffering. Now, you are facing the biggest dilemma of all- your vet has advised euthanizing the dog.

What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is the medical procedure by which a lethal injection is administered to the dog to end its life mercifully and to put an end to its suffering. Euthanasia is a long debated subject with many people for it and many people who do not want it for their pets.

People who are for it argue that it is a quick and merciful end to the suffering and agony the dog has to undergo if it were allowed to live and die a natural death while people who are against it look at it as a inhuman way of putting an end to a life.

Arriving at the decision

If your vet has advised euthanasia as the best option that is available, sit and discuss with the doctor if there are any other courses that you can take. Chances are you will feel later that you should have discussed some solution that would have let your dog live.

Deciding to euthanize the dog is very difficult and you may feel yourself being pushed to a corner. There will be a lot of emotions at play making you feel very guilty that you will be putting down the dog that has served as a faithful and affectionate companion to you and your family.

Making the necessary arrangements

If you have thought of going ahead with the euthanasia, inform the vet about your decision. Discuss with him the option of carrying the procedure at home or at the hospital. As it only involves the administration of an injection into the vein of the dog, you can even opt for getting it done at home although it is much easier for the vet to handle it at the hospital.

Discuss with the vet the option of handling the burial or the cremation of the dog after the procedure and then make the appointment with him. Always choose a time when the doctor is not very hurried due to other commitments in the hospital.

Carrying out the procedure

Discuss with your family whether any of you would want to be with your pet at the time of the procedure. The procedure is painless to the dog and it will appear as though the dog just drifted away to sleep. So there is nothing horrifying about you being there on the spot.

The doctor might need to sedate the dog before the procedure and if he asks for your permission to do it, allow it as it is more comfortable for the dog. The doctor will locate a vein and administer the injection and the dog will just take a deep breath and slowly go to sleep.

Spend some time being with your pet and then carry forward with the necessary arrangements that you have made beforehand for the burial or the cremation. If you have taken the dog to the hospital for the procedure, it is better if you avoid driving back by yourself.

Euthanizing the dog is a tough decision and you really have to steel yourself and reach the decision in the best interests of the dog to end its suffering and misery.

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