How to crate train a dog?

To have a better and well behaved dog every dog owner has to strive to give good training to the dog so that it learns good habits and manners. One such training that needs to be provided is crate training the dog.

What is crate training?

Crate training is making your dog learn how to use a crate and remain in it without creating a nuisance. It helps in establishing a place for himself and also serves as a mode in which you can carry the dog when you are traveling from place to place.

Crate training helps in making the dog feel secure in his own surroundings and will serve as a place that he can protect as his own. But, it is important to remember not to make use of a crate for punishing the dog.

Do’s and Don’ts of crate training

  • Try to achieve the use of the crate slowly. Don’t try to rush your dog into using the crate.
  • Do not lose patience and scold the dog if he is trying to get out of the crate.
  • Approach the exercise very positively and get the dog to enjoy getting into the crate.
  • Do not punish the dog and send it into the crate as a punishment. This will make the dog abhor the crate.
  • Once your dog has learnt to use the crate, allow it out frequently and do not keep the door closed for a very long time.
  • It is essential to let the dog out to relieve itself from time to time and especially after food.
  • Ensure that the dog does not have any scope for having its collar stuck in any part of the crate. Also do not use anything to tie the dog in the crate.
  • Keep the crate in a place that has good ventilation and stays securely in place without tipping on its sides.

Crate Training method

Crate training the dog has to follow a slow pace and you should give the dog sufficient time to get used to the crate. Never rush the dog and try to put it in and lock the door. Your dog will start hating the crate and will always begin to whimper or howl if you do that.

In order to avoid such problems, introduce the dog to the crate in a subtle manner. Leave the door to the crate open and leave some favorite toys or doggie treats in it so that the dog can explore the area and get accustomed to it. Once the dog is in, suddenly closing the door must be avoided as it might confuse and scare him.

Leave the door open for a couple of days until he gets adjusted to the surroundings and will begin to enjoy getting in. Once he has got used to this comes the hard part of closing the door. It is better to attempt this while he is snacking or having his food.

Once you have closed the door, move away a bit and observe the crate, but do not leave the room. If the dog begins to get antsy and howl, do not rush and open the door. Just wait until he settles down and then allow him to stay there for sometime before you open the door. Continue this process patiently for a few days and your dog should be able to stay in the crate without creating a ruckus.

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