How to calm a hyper dog?

If you want a calm pet get a cat. A cat though has a rather indifferent and aloof temperament. But it you want a pet that would be very loyal, affectionate and one that would bond strongly with you then your choice should be a dog. However, there is a drawback with this choice. Dogs are naturally rambunctious. Dogs are generally noisy, highly energetic and some breeds are even rather hard to control. Some dog breeds retain their puppy-like playful temperament through out their lives. Of course dogs have different personalities and although large working breeds possess more nervous energies some smaller breeds are also known to have nervousness tendencies. For instance, a Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua would remain hyper no matter what the owner would do. An unruly high strung dog can get on the nerves of the most calm dog owner.

Dogs are pack animals. When they live with the humans, they need a pack leader they can look up to. However, most owners are being too kind to the pet so much so that the dog is actually confused of its rank in the pack resulting to nervousness and agitation. Moreover, the dog would play on the kindness of the owner to seek attention. Never give in to the dog when it is in a hyperactive state as in effect you are reinforcing the dog’s negative behavior. You should never get frustrated or angry. Raising your voice would make the dog even more hyper. Be calm.

Tired dogs are happy calm dogs. Dogs are naturally active animals. Some breeds are even known to be intensely athletic and recommended only for active families. Dogs with high activity levels go stir crazy, destructive and even aggressive when deprived of the opportunity to exercise. Already active, a dog would be extremely high strung when it can not expend excess energies. Most dog owners have attested to the effectiveness of exercise in combating hyperactivity in dogs. Dogs that are cooped inside the house would need toys that would keep them mentally stimulated. Toys of this kind would take care of the psychological needs of the dog.

Hyperactivity can be due to a nutritional cause. Dog diet mainly composed of cereal fillers may be one of the causes of the hyperactivity. Switch the diet to a protein based food may help calm down the dog. Dog hyperactivity is a behavioral problem. Obedience training conducted in short but several sessions everyday would establish the master as the leader of the pack, one that should be obeyed. This would mean that the dog would obey the “sit, stand and settle down” commands and hopefully would calm the dog.

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