How much will puppy vaccinations cost?

There are several factors that must be considered before deciding to get a puppy. Puppies would make adorable pets. Kids fall in love with these affectionate animals easily thus it would not be a good idea to bring one home if the puppy is unhealthy. If you have decided to bring one home it means that you have the time and the financial means to care for the pet.

Puppies will receive all the protection they need while they are still nursing. Through the milk the mother dog transfers her antibodies to the puppies. The weaning process will begin when the puppies are about four weeks old. The puppies would start eating solid food and the efficacy of the antibodies obtained from the mother’s milk will begin to wane. At this point, medical care is extremely important. Due to an undeveloped immune system puppies are highly susceptible to diseases. Vaccinations, worming and regular medical care form a part of the preventive health care that will ensure the pet’s long, happy and healthy life. A responsible dog owner would arrange an appointment with a vet. From the breeder the first stop should be the vet’s clinic. Before bringing the puppy home it has to have a complete physical and the first round of inoculations. These vet visits would not be free. Are you ready to foot the bill?

Canine parvovirus is a fatal disease especially for puppies as the disease attacks the cells lining the intestines causing vomiting and chronic diarrhea. Canine distemper is another fatal disease that attacks the lungs and the nervous system. Infectious canine hepatitis attacks the liver and the other vital organs of the dog. These fatal canine diseases are recognized by the American Veterinary Medicine Association as diseases needing core vaccines. Puppies would have to receive core vaccinations when they are six weeks old. Non-core vaccinations are for Lyme disease, coronavirus, leptospirosis, respiratory diseases and parainfluenza. Non-core vaccinations are not specifically required but dog owners may choose to have the dog vaccinated if the risk that the dog will get the disease is high. Vaccines are injected into the scruff of the dog’s neck. Kennel cough vaccines are given as nasal drops.

Between 6 and 8 weeks of age, the puppy should receive its first series of vaccinations. At 6 weeks of age the pup has to receive distemper vaccine. At nine weeks, another shot for distemper, corona, parvo and bordetella will be given. This vaccination will be repeated when the dog is 12 weeks and 16 weeks of age. Annual boosters will be given for rabies, parvo, distemper and corona. A lot of shots for the pet but these are very necessary to prevent diseases that have fatal results. Dog owners would not hesitate to dip in their pockets as long as the health of the pet is ensured. Prices of vaccinations vary depending on the vaccine used and on the area where the clinic is situated. Posh animal clinics that are frequented by wealthy clientele would naturally have higher charges. Of course the PF of the vet will vary as well. A dog owner would generally spend from $50 to $60 for each set of vaccines. The final visit would cost the dog owner about $100. Overall a dog owner has to pay around $500 for the pet’s vaccinations. Vets and animal clinics have different rates. It would be best to call around to compare prices.

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