How Much Does An Electric & Invisible Dog Fence Cost?

A fence of good quality dogs is currently very expensive, it all depends on the size and what materials you want it to be built. Although when we refer to an invisible fence, it is a bit more expensive, since its technology is well above other similar products.

An invisible dog fence is based on placing wiring for leaving the perimeter to limit; such wiring works in conjunction with a collar that the animal has. The system has the function that when the animal reaches such limits, I sent a static correction which will cause it to be returned to the perimeter in question.
How Much Does An Electric & Invisible Dog Fence Cost?
Knowing this, you could say that the cost of the invisible dog fence oscillates between 200 and 2500 dollars respectively depending on the radius in which you want to install. Your garden will determine such cost, as well as the land, the number of animals, among other things.

It is necessary to go to a professional in the area to conclude the cost. But you could say that the price is very accessible for the great benefit it has, which is to keep your pet at bay and very careful in the comfort of your yard or wherever you want it to be.

And do not worry if you think that such discharges will be painful for your spoiled dog, since it is scientifically estimated that such electric shocks are similar to that suffered by a human when touching an object that carries it, for example, a wire for the exposed light bulb, These types of downloads are not dangerous or painful, but very annoying.

What does this Guide offer us?

  • What could be identified as an invisible fence for dogs?
  • How is the invisible fence for animals structured?
  • What should I consider to know the cost?
  • Can I install a wireless fence for my dogs?
  • What do professionals recommend in the field?

What could be identified as an invisible fence for dogs?

You can identify as an invisible fence for dogs those closed circuits that keep your animal in such a place, healthy and safe; this perimeter is usually very extensive allowing you to play and have fun. It is perfect for houses with outdoor patios, so your dog will take care and know that its limit and home is said perimeter.

Invisible fences are buried underground so that on the surface, they create limits for their animals. Flags are inserted along that limit which have the function of being visual signals.

Your dog is trained long before inserting such an invisible fence so that he becomes familiar with the border flags and thus avoid as best as possible a discharge that is not dangerous, but very annoying. All this is fully authorized and monitored with the company you hire for such service.

When the invisible fence is activated in the subsoil, dogs use collars that serve as transmitters to warn them through sounds that are approaching the stipulated limit; over time, your dog will feel familiar with that sound.

The sound of the dog collars is transmitted especially to your ear, warning the limit which if exceeded would have a very slight electrical correction in your animal, so long before connecting the invisible fence it is very important to remember and train your dog not to exceed those limits that are observed using the flags.

Its cost varies by the meters to be conceived in the fence, but usually, it is not so expensive compared to the benefit it offers for you and your dog, eliminating the use of tying it to a tree using a traditional leash or rope, so your dog will have a little more freedom and security to refrain from leaving his yard.
How is the invisible Fence for Dogs structured?
It is an invisible system in the form of a fence installed underground; it contains a control and monitoring system at the base of operations. The fence is made up of cables by electric charges that are connected 3 to 4 inches underground.

Electric charges are usually connected from end to end in your yard, or it depends on the limit itself you choose, but to give an example: if your yard is 10 square meters, each charge would be distributed by the 4 points in question, achieving that closed circuit that both you and your dog deserve to provide security.

The transmitter is installed in your home, garage, room, study or any other place you want to give you that facility to monitor it as many times as you need daily, you are working to place this object in the form of an app and so it could be used Easier to just one click on your Smartphone.

When your animal exceeds the limits stipulated, the transmitter will send a signal in the form of an electric charge to your dog, which will make it reverse and return to the limits of your yard, over time you will get used, and you will not want to cross them again.

This electric fence device works in the same way as an anti-bark ultrasound collar that can be easily purchased at any store or veterinarian. It is a very innovative technology for those outdoor patios without near limitations.

The amount of discharge your dog receives can be controlled from his collar, so you will be involved in guaranteeing that he will not be hurt, but if he is rebuked for crossing the boundaries of the yard. It should be mentioned that the discharges must vary by weight and size of the animal, to achieve an annoying but effective discharge in it.
What should I consider to know the cost?
To know the cost of the invisible fence for your dog, you have to ask yourself in which area you want to place it since the cost of the electronic fence is taken into account the following:

  • Fence size
  • The mark of the fence in the basement
  • The number of dogs to which the special collar or training will be placed.
  • How steep or flat is the patio.

Already taking this into account, professionals in the area of ​​invisible fence mounting will determine the cost in question. But among its prices is:

  • Installation: between 100 and 2000 $ approximately.
  • Necklace and fence: between 100 and 400 $ approx.
  • Batteries: between $ 60 and $ 90 for each per year.

Fence Size

Size is everything and will define its cost. The cable that goes through the subsoil can be installed under complicated surfaces such as rocky or mountainous, but it will merit an additional cost. The company is not limited to connecting the cable underwater, if possible.


Its cost varies depending on the amount of size to cover, but initially, it would be $ 200 and from there, its cost is increased for each square meter of the surface to cover.

The receivers

The collars are designed to be the most comfortable for your animal. They are very light, weigh approximately 1.1 oz and have a rubber cover. Therefore, we dog will not notice that they carry something on top. The necklaces are resistant to water and other factors.

Each receiver in the collar of your animal is on average from 150 to 180 dollars. The cost of your battery can vary between 15 and 20 dollars, which are recommended to be replaced annually.

Can I install a wireless fence for my dogs?

You can quietly purchase these invisible dog fences on any online purchase page, their prices vary. But think, how much will it cost me in tools for installation? If you start taking account, it is easier and cheaper to request a service of this magnitude from professionals in the area.

Do not just ask for help; it is ideal to hire this service from the beginning to try to install these invisible fences only, and then it will be more expensive to uninstall for the reinstallation of the product that could not be applied in your yard.

Professionals in the area have years of experience, as well as the tools necessary to install your invisible fence for a price in the market, counting on the speed and ensuring that quality you want.

  • Train your dog under the professional eye

Although many owners of these beautiful dogs train their beloved companions successfully, they do not do it with the same quality that a professional can have. Also, it is known that it is one thing to train your animals outdoors, and a very different one is to teach them their limits, which will require a lot of patience and experience in the field.

  • Many invisible fences have a solar charger

It is annoying and disturbing that at the time the light goes out, its invisible fence for your dog is completely unprotected, but do not worry, since many currently have a solar-charged system, so at the time of energy savings you have a Backup in your batteries.

  • There are even mobile applications

Some companies, such as DogWatch in Minnesota, offer these fences, but “smart.” These fences are characterized by having a communication portal to alert users to low battery problems, disconnected collar receivers or any failure in the fencing system.

The cost of the invisible fence is approximately 300 dollars, of which they guarantee that the battery in said portal lasts approximately two years, so seen from that sense, it is extremely accessible for that spoiled dog.

What do professionals recommend in the field?

Among the professional councils are that:

Many companies like DogGuardOut of Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania offer their customers discounts on the cost, so it would be advisable to contact them if you are within the purchase and installation range.

  • Companies like DogGuard of Groton-Connecticut offers discounts for all those families that have adopted rescue dogs for what is a tempting offer.
  • Several companies offer payment facilities
  • Do not rely entirely on an invisible fence because it is not the same as a traditional fence because it will not be limited to raccoons, deer, or any other pest outside your yard.
  • Investigate well and contact a highly recommended professional, do not just ask and see comments or recommendations.
  • Take care of your pet.

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