Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance $ Foundation not only offers outstanding pet coverage and unlimited lifetime benefits, they also provide a mobile app. They have been in business for six years and insure both cats and dogs residing in America and Canada. After signing up, clients are able to submit photos and their pet stories may even be featured. For example, 10 Dogs Who Felt Betrayed at Bath Time gives wonderful advice about bathing pups and each photo is linked to humorous comments.

healthy-paws-pet-insurance-1Through their Every Quote Gives Hope™ program, qualifying pet adoption organizations may apply for a Homeless Pet Medical Grant of $500. These grants are distributed once a month. Organizations need only to apply once a year for the grant.


According to numerous reviews on Yelp, claim processing is very efficient in order to reimburse clients quickly. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance also has a solid four-star rating based on 236 reviews. Direct feedback to several clients shows that any cost increase derives from advances in technology and veterinary care versus filed claims.

Canine Journal

Due to their great customer service, ranks Healthy Paws Pet Insurance as number one. This site provides a breakdown of the pros and cons, a specific example of the cost, and a coupon code that grants clients a ten percent off discount. In addition, they show cost comparisons based on location, age, reimbursement level and annual deductible.

Consumers Advocate

Using in-depth research, Consumer Advocate scores Healthy Paws Pet Insurance as the top pet insurance due to affordable pricing, coverage quality, and customer service. Their site shows plan details, including baseline coverage and a fine print breakdown. In addition, they display celebrity endorsements.


healthy-paws-pet-insurance-3A policy with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, based on information from their site, is around one dollar a day. As reported by, pet owners are offered one plan and may select from three annual deductibles (90, 80, and 70 percent) and reimbursement levels. A Healthy Paws discounts and promotions list includes autumn promotion, club memberships, micro-chipping, and animal welfare volunteering.

Clients, journals, and review sites give Healthy Paws Pet Insurance a high rating for coverage and customer service. Healthy Paws presents a user friendly site and an outstanding mobile app which helps clients through stressful times. Multiple discounts and promotions are available, including a $35 friend referral. Simply getting an insurance quote gives funds to a homeless pet in need.

The Better Business Bureau rates them A+. In the world of pet care, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance appears, across the board, as a leader.

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