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Hartville Pet Insurance Review

Faced with a situation where your pet is in need of immediate emergent care, pet owners have come to realize that health care is more costly and tragic choices are the only ones available in the moment when they are unprepared. The purchase of pet health insurance is becoming a wiser investment as the cost of health care rises for all. Purchasing low cost pet health insurance could alleviate these fears and provide financial support in times of crisis.

What are the Coverage Options

Hartville Pet Insurance offers four different categories of pet health care coverage: Accidents & Injuries, Illnesses, Preventive Care and Advanced Care. Each level covers different types of conditions – information that can be very useful in choosing the right plan for your pet. If your breed is particularly susceptible to ear infections, for example, it might be wise to purchase an Illness plan. If you have a puppy, it may make more sense to purchase a plan in the Preventive Care or Advanced Care categories.

Choosing Your Plan Comparatively

cfHarsville’s website offers free quotes but very little else on the specifics of their various policies. They have been purchased by a larger company (Crum and Forster) that has kept them intact but has rerouted the insurance product and its administration through the parent company as of Crum and Forster as of 2017 – there are a list of fine print disclaimers at the bottom of the first page of the Hartville website that bear close examination. This Hartsville company seems knowledgeable about the pet health care industry but has gone through some major changes recently.  Assessing their product is difficult from the website’s layout without going through a series of steps before getting to see a comparison of their policy options, let alone a comparison with other companies. A more thorough and upfront explanation of the relevant considerations earlier in the website would be much more helpful.

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