HappiPets Pet Insurance Review

happipets (1)This particular insurance plan is designed for the multi-pet family and probably makes the most sense for folks with more than one pet to cover. The cost of coverage, the breadth of coverage, the out of pocket expense and deductibles (be they incident by incident or annual) are all relevant considerations when choosing an insurance policy. Faced with a situation where your pet is in need of immediate emergent care, pet owners have come to realize that health care is more costly and tragic choices are the only ones available in the moment when they are unprepared.

Levels of Cost and Coverage

HappiPets Pet Insurance tries to provide potential customers with a range of coverage options and plans that are designed to fit various stages and conditions of pet ownership. They have an outdated and obviously responsible web site that in spite of its navigational limitations (and which may have been temporary) the insurance plans themselves are very straightforward. The coverage, providers and costs are all categorized based on the animal’s age and the policy limit you choose each year. Although there is a predetermined annual cap on benefits, there is no individual cap on any one incident or illness, so your pet can use the entire annual limit on whatever health service needs they happen to have that year. Each year the plan is renewed so new limits and different areas of coverage can be reset according to your budget and your pet’s health care needs.

Making Insurance Decisions

Taking the time to identify your pet’s health care priorities based on their age, breed and general healthiness will allow you to search more quickly and effectively for the right policy. HappiPets seems to offer a very full and up to date list of insurance coverage options, including preventative and behavioral coverage options. The sliding scale of percentage of reimbursement and policy

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