Grooming Checklist

Taking a dog to a grooming saloon is no joke especially for a pet parent with a strained budget. The fancy trim, the expensive baths would need a pet owner to dig deep into the pocket. Teeth brushing and ear cleaning can be challenging chores especially if the dog is not accustomed to these grooming rituals. The physical maintenance is an important and basic part of owning a dog.

Dog grooming can be learned. Arm yourself with the necessary grooming tools and know how to groom the dog. The dog soaps and shampoos, the clippers and the brushes will result to a good looking dog but the grooming sessions will be priceless bonding moments that will ensure ideal relationship with the dog. The following is a grooming checklist that must be considered in grooming the dog.


The frequency and the method of brushing depend on the hair type of the dog. Long haired breeds would need daily brushing. Weekly brushing would be okay for medium haired dogs and once a month brushing would be sufficient for short haired ones. Hair must be brushed thoroughly to remove dirt and distribute the natural oils of the skin.


Trim nails once a month using clippers specially designed for dogs. Avoid using human clippers that can hurt the dog and leave ragged nail tips. Hold the paw of the dog and carefully trim the nail making sure that the quick is not cut. Be careful in clipping dark nails as it would be hard to see the quick. Clip only the very tip of the nail.


Check and clean the dog’s ears twice a month. Use a cotton ball moistened with water or mineral oil to clean the flaps, the opening and the ear canal and to remove ear wax. The flaps and the skin inside the ears must be pinkish in color and should not have a four odor.


Eyes must be cleaned often. Hair that gets into the eyes must be removed to prevent eye irritations. The staining, especially on light colored ones can be removed with a cloth dampened with water and hydrogen peroxide. Eyes of dark colored dogs can be cleaned with cloth dampened with plain water.


The pet’s teeth must be brushed twice a week to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Use a finger brush or a child’s toothbrush to scrub the teeth and the gums with canine toothpaste.


Dogs are commonly bathed every few months. Before bathing the pet, thoroughly brush the coat to remove tangles. Use only canine soap and shampoos. Clean the anal area, the toes and the area behind the ears. Avoid getting soap on the eyes and water on the ears of the dog. Thoroughly rinse and dry the pet with towel or hair dryer.

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