When first developed the greyhound was bred for hunting, was able to outrun their prey, and could work in a group with other dogs. This was kept alive by turning them into racing dogs. Greyhounds can run up to 45 miles an hour making them the fastest breed of dog. These dogs are as intelligent as they are fast.

The Greyhound is usually very friendly, but at first will be suspicious of strangers until they get to know them. They are very loving and affectionate to their family. They get along with children, but do not like rough housing. They are not barkers, so you will not have to worry about the Greyhound keeping the neighbors up at night.

Greyhounds have a tendency to hunt and have been known to attack and kill cats because of their strong hunting traits. Some greyhounds can be taught to get along with cats if they are trained from the beginning during puppyhood, however, it would be best to keep your cat far away if you have one or keep your eye on them when they are together. Training is the big key, here if you want them to live together.

Many adoption agencies have been started for retirees when it is their time. They are all crate trained so they will not go potty in the house. They make excellent family pets after their racing days are over and you will have a loyal family member. For years many people thought the greyhound was destroyed when they reached an age where they could no longer race, however, this is just a tale. Today, you can find many wonderful Greyhounds up for adoption.


Greyhounds have long necks and no bridge to their nose. When they hear something, their ears stand full and erect. They have a long back and the back end has an arch. They have a very narrow waist and a deep chest giving them the magnificent profile. They have very powerful long legs for running. They have tiny compressed feet with large knuckled toes. Their tail is curved and long.

Their coats are very smooth and short to the slink. People figured this was because of breeding with the Bulldog in the 1700’s. Greyhounds have several colors including the white, fawn, or tan, ream, red, black, blue grey, and bridle. You can even see a few that are all white with patches of any of the colors mentioned above.

Their body fat is virtually zero and with their short coat, their grooming is almost nonexistent. They usually stand 26 to 30 inches in height and around 60 to 85 pounds. Females are usually around 10 to 15 pounds less than males. They live to be 12 to 14 years with relatively good health.


You will not find a more lovable dog than a greyhound. They are very loyal to their families and always show love to their family members. They love to run and have fun running with the kids and playing in the yard. They do not really bark so you will not have to worry about the neighbors complaining.

They come from packs so when they come to you they will latch onto you as their pack leader. They are very quiet and even if a child becomes too much for them they will usually walk away and ignore them. They are not prone to snapping or biting, so this is not a real concern. The only time they may snap is if they cannot get away from being pestered or annoyed. They too have their limits just as you do.


Greyhounds do not require a lot of care. Their coat is very short which requires hardly any care. They are trim and should eat so as not to put extra weight on their body. They should of course receive all their shots, have their toenails trimmed regularly and given as much love as you can. They will not require bathing unless they get really dirty or sprayed by a skunk. That is how clean a greyhound is. Allergies are almost nil with a greyhound.

They do not need much exercise at all. Run them a couple times a week and they will sleep on your couch the rest. That is about all they need. They will love the play times out in the yard, though. They are very intelligent therefore easily trained.


Being one of the oldest breeds the Greyhound has appeared throughout history. In ancient Egypt, the greyhounds were buried with their masters. This is depicted on carvings in the tombs.

Hieroglyph of dogs that look just like the Greyhound, Saluki, and Soughi can be found in ancient writings of Egypt. Even Alexander the Great had one for a pet and named him Peritas. The name Greyhound many believed was given because most of the dogs had a grey coat.

In the 11th and 14th centuries, a law was created by Royalty that no mean person shall own a Greyhound. That is how much they were respected in that day and age. If anyone broke this law, they were immediately sentenced to death.

To this day, you can see the greyhound has grown for being known as a fast dog. Even the bus company known as Greyhound, uses them as their name and logo.

Many people in the world have never seen a greyhound up close because you do not see many breeders that sell them to the general public. You only know breeders who sell them for the racetrack. To make people more aware of greyhounds and the rescue of them you should walk yours around and let people see how beautiful they are. Let them know they need loving homes after their racing are over. Getting the word out will help a lot of them find homes. At one time, when a Greyhound had reached the end of his racing career, the Greyhound Association had them put to sleep. Today, they are rescued, so to speak, and are placed for adoption. Thousands of dogs have been put to death because they figured they could not go on unless they raced. Nothing is farther from the truth. Many greyhounds live as long as 10 years after racing. Their racing career ends around 4 to 6 years of age. They are very healthy and can lead a very productive life with the right family to love them.

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