Fostering a Beagle

Safe Hounds Beagle Rescue, Inc. is always in need of dedicated volunteers to provide short-term in-home care for our friendly Beagles and Beagle mix dogs until they are adopted. Because we do not operate a kennel or shelter, our need for loving foster homes is ongoing. Fostering is a truly rewarding way to become part of a rescued dog's journey to a forever home. All veterinary care and medication is paid for by our rescue organization. We can also help with basic supplies you'll need to care for your foster dog. For a glimpse into the central role a foster home plays in a rescue organization, read: "Foster Families - Our Heroes" by Lorraine Houston. If you think you are ready to open your heart and your home and would like to learn more about our rescue organization and fostering a Beagle, please call (973) 729-8431 or send an e-mail to request additional information.

Here's are a few thoughts some of our foster families have shared about their personal foster experience:

"We were very happy to provide a foster home for a needy dog. The real sad fact of the matter was that this very sweet dog would have been "put down" because no one wanted her in the condition that she was in. We got to witness seeing improvements in her condition every day! Soon, her personality came through too! It really gives us great joy to know that she is in a loving home now and that we played a role in her being able to get another chance at having a happy life. Fostering was an overall good experience and we would consider fostering again."

"Our whole family has enjoyed fostering so much. When a new dog arrives everyone is so excited to meet him or her, including my kids and dogs. It is very rewarding to help the dog learn house manners and about our strange human inventions like the vacuum cleaner and toys. My favorite part is watching a dog who we know would have been euthanized napping contentedly in the sun. We always keep in mind that our dogs are fosters and not going to stay here, which can be hard. However, when we get updates from their new adoptive homes and we see how happy and treasured they are it makes the entire experience worthwhile."

"I am happy when a dog gets a forever home because my house is quiet and boring and good for a transition from a shelter...but a forever home is kids and noise and exciting."

If you are unable to foster a dog but still want to help there are many other ways to help us. We need volunteers who are familiar with the Beagle breed to conduct home visits, as well as help with transporting dogs, training, fundraising, and administrative duties such as making phone calls. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information on how YOU can get involved.