First Citizens Insurance Services Pet Insurance Review

firstcitizens (1)Pet insurance is fast becoming a very smart investment for pet owners. Given the generally rising cost of healthcare for all beings the chance that you will be financially prepared if your animal is either injured or ill is steadily decreasing. Also, advances in veterinary procedures and practices make very expensive treatments readily available, if not affordable. Although plans differ based on coverage, deductibles, limits, caps and exclusions, many companies are offering different components or types of coverage. Accident and Injury coverage generally handles unexpected injuries, wellness plans tend to deal with routine and preventative care, etc.

Know the Possible Types of Coverage Available

First Citizens Insurance Services offers pet health insurance to protect you from the cost of veterinarian services connected to an unexpected accident or illness suffered by your dog or cat. The bullet points on their website are very explicit and descriptive of what types of services and products are covered and what is not. For example, the basic policy does not include coverage for routine health care like teeth cleaning or flea protection, but you can purchase an additional component, the “wellness” plan, that will cover those type of expenses. They also offer medication and dental components that you would have to add to the basic coverage to get those services or products reimbursed. This plan does cover veterinary exam charges associated with any accident or unexpected illness, an expense that is often not included in many other plans.

Calculating Your Own Pets Insurance Needs

The recognition among pet owners that pet health insurance is a wise investment is well documented on the ASPCA’s website, where they talk about the frequency of the incidents of unexpected illness and accidents, as well as the average cost of health care in those unfortunate circumstances. Taking the time to identify your pet’s health care priorities based on their age, breed and general healthiness will allow you to search more quickly and effectively for the right policy.

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