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Farmers Pet Insurance Review

farmersFaced with a situation where your pet needs of immediate medical care, pet owners have come to realize that health care is more costly and tragic choices are the only ones available in the moment when they are unprepared. Purchasing low cost pet health insurance could alleviate these fears and provide financial support in times of crisis. Pet health insurance is becoming more and more popular with folks who would rather not choose between their pet’s lives and their own financial well-being.

Comprehensive Coverage to Specialized Coverage

Farmers Pet Insurance is offered in conjunction with a long-time pet insurance provider Pets Best since 2014. Together they provide a very comprehensive policy that covers wellness and preventive services, basic health services like spaying/neutering and emergent medical services for serious illnesses and accidents. They also offer lots of levels of coverage in three basic categories: Accident and Illness plans, Routine/Wellness plans and “Specialized Coverage” plans that cover specific types of accidents based on the animal’s location and exposure to particular environmental dangers.

Cautionary Notes

Many animal health care policies do not include exams or routine health care, so it is important to assess your pet’s needs before you start comparing plans. The broader descriptions of the policy on the website are often not as clear as to the exceptions, caps or limitations of the policy’s coverage. The actual details of the policy will determine your coverage, so it is very important to read the words of the specific policy you are buying. Since Farmers offers policies that are particularly tailored to each customer’s needs, there is a better chance of having a firm grasp of what the policy covers at purchase. The reimbursement process can be smooth or rocky from company to company. The Farmers/Pets Best team would seem to possess the experience and structure to be taken at their word that claims are reimbursed in 3-5 business days on average.

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