Embrace Pet Insurance Review

In the growing world of pet care, owners are turning to pet insurance to provide the best health care possible for their companions. Insurance for your pet ensures that they can receive the best care possible without breaking your wallet. Pet owners who choose Embrace pet insurance are not disappointed with the ease of making a claim and the coverage that their plans provide.

embrace-pet-insurance-reviewEmbrace offers coverage that begins 14 days after a pet is enrolled in a plan to provide quick coverage for illness, but accident coverage begins after 48 hours in some states. Embrace offers coverage for illness or accidents under one comprehensive plan. Embrace offers many diverse plans with varying deductibles, limits and co-pays to allow all pet owners to find a plan that benefits their pet the most. Like most pet insurance plans, owners are required to pay for care at the time of service, and Embrace will reimburse owners based on the invoice and claim form that they receive. Under one comprehensive coverage plan, Embrace offers a wide range of coverage that includes wellness rewards, breed-specific conditions, prescription coverage, chemotherapy, surgery and many other necessary procedures.

The monthly premium for pets ranges from $13 to $100 based on age, breed and preexisting health conditions. Pets that are enrolled younger will have a lower monthly premium than a pet enrolled at an older age. Mixed breeds tend to have lower premiums than purebred dogs and cats do. This is because many breeds are at higher risk for some diseases, such as Persian cats being predisposed to heart conditions or Cocker Spaniels and their famous ear infections. Due to the typical cost of care in the case of incident, cats typically have a lower monthly premium than dogs do through Embrace. Some small dog breeds also have lower rates than larger breeds do.

The amount pet owners pay monthly is determined not only by their pet’s specifications, but also by the owner’s desired annual limit and co-pay percentage. Plans are available with co-pays that are 10%, 20% or 35% of the deductible. Annual limits are available at $2,000, %5,000, $10,000 and $15,000. Regardless of plan choice, there is a lifetime limit of $50,000 in place for all pets covered by Embrace.

embrace-pet-insurance-review-2Animals must be at least 8 weeks of age to enroll in a plan through Embrace, and there are age limits for senior pet coverage. Mixed breed dogs must be 9 years or younger to enroll, while purebred dogs must be 7 years or younger to enroll in a plan. Purebred cats must be under 9 years old to enroll, and mixed breed cats, commonly referred to as domestic shorthairs or domestic longhairs, must be under 11 years old. Once enrolled, pets are covered for the duration of their lifetime and are not limited when they have aged. Patients will not be dropped from a plan based on age or developed conditions.

Reimbursement through Embrace is not immediate, but this plan covers more than most other pet insurance companies do with more options to customize coverage and monthly premiums. Pet owners consistently rate Embrace high for customer service and reimbursement while enjoying coverage for their pets that ensures they can provide the best life possible for their feline and canine companions.

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