How Much Does an Electric Fence Cost Per Month?

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Electric Fence Cost Per Month

How Much Does an Electric Fence Cost Per Month?

Electric Fence Cost Per Month

Livestock escapes and wild animal attacks have been rapidly increasing. An electric fence is the best safety defense against such a case. Livestock and pets are easily controlled from leaving. Electric fences have many types. Each type of electric fence has specific property according to the animal it’s going to manage.

Livestock specification is the main objective in the electric fence selection. Cost is the second major part of the selection, as many people wonder how much does an electric fence cost per month? Some people who cannot afford or handle expensive ones usually buy cheap and manage ones.

Electric fence selection has always caused confusion which typically leads to an erroneous type choice. And their cost would further cause more loss. Without proper research, there are many examples in which hundreds of dollars are wasted just because the fence system fails to handle the livestock or pet.

What is a dog electric fence and what are its benefits?

Electric fences which are built to contain and control dogs is called dog electric fence. Mostly it is used to keep the dogs indoors so that they won’t get lost. Dogs get protection and guidance from it. Dog electric fence also keeps other wild and street dogs out.

Dog electric fences have evolved with time. Nowadays dog fences provide a better facility and care without harming the dog. Other predators are kept away. The latest wireless dog fence technology allows the dog to stroll beyond the perimeter.

Types of Dog Electric Fences

Dog electric fence comes in many types. Each type varies in functionality and price. Currently, there are two types of electric dog fences, wireless and wire fences.

1. Electric Dog Wire Fence

A dog has to wear a special collar that acts as a sensor and provides guidance to it. Dog movement area is measured and according to which wire capacity is bought. Circle or in any shape Digging is made to place the wire. A transmitter is connected with wires.

As the dogs get close to the circle wire, a signal is sent to the sensor collar which automatically gives a beep sound indicating the dog to not go beyond that boundary. Dogs do require training to understand the collar sound to return.

Wire fences are hidden as they are placed underground. Solving the problem of bad view and protects against zoning law or strict law if applicable. Wire dog fences have the disadvantage of limiting dog movement. Until the digging and wire placing is again placed. Such a process can be tiresome and also expensive.

Dog mentality also needs to be brought under consideration. Dogs might become aggressive if they are bound to a small perimeter.

2. Electric Dog Wireless Fence

No need to waste time digging and placing wires or even measuring the distance. However, this electric fence does require a collar. Wireless has the only setting of a circle radius according to which the dog is guided and controlled within the circle range.

Nonetheless, the dog still needs the training to understand the collar. Signaling controls and keeps the dog movement with the circle perimeter. Transmitter sends the signal to the collar like Wi-Fi. Therefore it is advised to keep the transmitter at the center of the area. Wireless also provides a large boundary setting. Due to its wireless ability the dog can enjoy his adventurous stroll and return once a signal is sent.

Wireless fences have also developed some cons. Fault and failure of the wireless fence device have occurred more frequently. The Applied area also requires being flat or else it cannot operate efficiently in that area due to its obstruction. Similarly, the signaling system does not work efficiently with object obstruction presence as well.

How much Does an Electric Fence cost per month?

Electric dog fence cost less than $10 per month of electricity. Electric collar batteries require yearly changing which cost about $95. In case the electric collar gets damaged. A new one will cost $50.

Electric dog fence Wireless device with a complete set such as PetSafe, PetSafe stay and play, Domipet, etc ranges from $200 to $300. The wire device with its complete set including 500 to 2500 feet choice boundary wire, such as Extreme Dog Fence, SportDOG, Slt Boo-Boo ranges from $200 to $300.

Both sets appealingly have the same price but the quality of work and lifespan helps make the right decision and the important question “how much does an electric fence cost per month?”.

Should you buy it?

Well, the most important question is that ‘how much are you ready to spent?’ Usually, the wire electric dog fence is more reliable and long-lasting. Wire system does provide accurate function and less failure. While the wireless one is more comfortable for the dog and is simple to use. Wireless does make the usage and setup is easy while some wireless ones are also portable.

Dog training is also essential. Understanding the sound of the collar and learning its message to follow it. Only then the device will be successful. If the dog does not accept the collar or its teaching then it will lead to complete failure despite the device’s 100% performance.

So the answer to my question is ‘commitment and understanding the dog mentality’. Only then the dog can be tricked or by through care can be trained. During the device selection, dog care should also be kept in mind. So dogs who like to wander far beyond, for the wireless device should be considered. While for the dogs who like to keep themselves around their house, they should use a wire electric dog fence.

Final words:

So ‘how much does an electric fence cost per month?’ A device with a complete set ranges from $200 to $300. The monthly electric bill will cost less than $10. Yearly batteries change costs $95. Dog collar price is $50, in case of damage. The selection of an electric dog fence type is based on the area, house condition, and dog mentality.

Maintenance of the device is also significant, to make sure the batteries are well charged while the device is fully functional at every perimeter of the area. Dog collar condition should be kept in mind so that it works and guides the dog accurately.

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