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Dog Traumatized By Haircut

Dog Traumatized By Haircut

Dog Traumatized By Haircut

You might see your dog has grown long hair and needs a haircut now. You have to take him/her for a haircut. After the haircut, you feel some change in his/her mood and behavior. 

Dog Traumatized By Haircut

Don’t be overwhelmed by the situation. Several dog owners have reported changes in the behavior after a shave and many of them are not sure of the reasons. Here we have tackled some main reasons for your dog traumatized behavior after the haircut and some help for it.

Doesn’t Like Haircut

Dog’s do have feelings for us. Sometimes we also don’t like a groom session and might regret it after doing it. Similarly, your dog is sad or upset because he does not like the haircut or the grooming.


If you find your dogs like this just pet them, give them their favorite food and take them for a walk. 

Groomer Behavior

We have seen many reviews about dog grooming in which people have often complain that something is always wrong with some groomers. They grab the dog hardly that surely irritates them. They might act harshly that can terrify the dog. 

Many groomers do not have a good record for which several deaths of dogs have also been reported. These groomers become a reason for anxiety and trauma for your dog.


Some groomers or hairdressers provide home services, but they are somewhat expensive. If you can afford the groomers then hire them at home. In this way, your dog will be groomed in its comfort zone and you will also have the command over to the groomer. You can also judge the hairdresser before the grooming to avoid the aftereffects.

Groomer Irritated

Some dog’s skin is sensitive to razors and blades. This might irritate their skin that’s why they lick their bodies and develop allergic reactions. This also makes them sick.


You should first know about your dog’s skin. If yes, then consult a doctor from the vet who then tells you the safe procedure of grooming your dog.

Dog Miss Its Hairs

We all sometimes not like the haircut we took very excitedly. In the same way, sometimes, the dog feels upset about losing its hair. It’s like…TOO MANY HAIRS…and then….suddenly….NO HAIRS. It’s a little bit sad for them as they got used to their hairs and suddenly they vanished. Sometimes they feel cold because they don’t have heavy hair on their body. So, they will feel slightly uncomfortable. It leads to stress.


There is no rocket science to fix it. Love it, pet it, and after some time, it will surely get used to the new look.

Traumatized Your Dog

Often, we have noticed that some people start laughing when they see their dog after grooming. The dogs also perceive our feelings and emotions. When they see others laughing at them, they get traumatized and sad. The feeling can be relatable because we also don’t like others laughing at us.


Don’t laugh at them when they come after completely groomed. Also, don’t laugh at humans surrounding you. It is not good to laugh at anyone. It might cause depression or trauma. Hurting someone’s feeling based on their looks can’t take you any further.


You see your dog crying, twitching and uncontrolled. It is so obvious it got some cuts and wounds during grooming. It must be due to the untrained groomer. Some of them do not care about these things and make the situation difficult to control.


Check your dog during and after the hairdressing. If you find any cuts then bandage them properly and console them.


It can also be a valid reason for anxiety and stress that your dog is not well trained to be touched by some stranger. As grooming requires a touch of some sensitive areas of eyes, groin, muzzles, or another place. These touches can make them insecure and cause anxiety.


Train your dog to be touched on its sensitive areas so that it might not feel anxious.


These are some of the possible causes and their solutions for your traumatized dog. In addition to these, some more cautions must be considered with the dog’s mental health. No grooming of your dog is not the solution to avoid trauma and anxiety for them. Instead, after grooming check your dog’s whole body for cuts and burns. Rinse the skin with clean water to clean the body from extra cut hairs. 

Making the environment friendly for them should be the main concern. Take them for the walk in a park, pet them with love, play with them as they want, and get them their favorite meals.

As you can not understand their language,  it might be difficult for you to handle them. To some extent, you can control to prevent them from trauma but still, they can be anxious and stressed. You should remain cautious all the time for their physical and mental health.

It has also been noticed that many dogs do not get traumatized if they are groomed regularly. A long gap for grooming might make them insecure and sensitive to the other session. After then they will take some time to get used to the new skin. 

We all agree that we also sometimes get drastically upset after a haircut and takes so much stress by overthinking. Dog’s too feel upset after their grooming. It is the responsibility of their owners to take proper care of them. 

There are many signs and symptoms which tell you that your dog is traumatized or sad: Irritability, stomach upset, lethargy, panting, drooling, restlessness, hiding from people, weight loss, increased shedding, and some more.

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