Dog Traumatized After Getting Lost

Dog Traumatized After Getting Lost

Losing a dog can be a terror-stuck condition for both the owner and the dog. However, the owner being a human may handle the situation calmly but, being a sentient animal dog traumatized after getting lost.  However, in this article, I will be sharing the reasons why do dogs escape from their owner and get lost. Moreover, will be mentioning major solutions to prevent the problem.

According to research millions of dogs ran away and found lost and traumatized. However, if your breed repeatedly escapes from you then there might be several reasons. Well, from the animal perspective, they won’t be able to discuss but you being the owner can educate some guesses through the functional behavior of your pet.

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Dog Traumatized After Getting Lost

Let’s discuss some of those reasons. Make sure to read till the end as some functional behavior can be confusing and lead you to the wrong solution. So, let’s start with our reasons and their perfect solutions.

Dog Traumatized After Getting Lost

 Reason and solution # 1: 

Bored Dog in the House

Well, boredom can ask your dog to have an adventure. This can be the major reason for the dogs to escape. Also, the reason makes your dog traumatized. To check on the functional behavior keep an eye on your dog’s activities.

It might be possible you have left your dog alone in the yard. However, the lonely situation always makes dogs come up with these types of ideas. During this boring situation, they probably make efforts to escape a little walk in the neighborhood or maybe far from that.

Well, the situation is not that severe to control. You can provide your dog with great activities like exercising, spending time or even providing chewing toys to them.

Let’s move to the other reason.

 Reason and solution # 2: 

Dog Hunting Something

Some of the breeds like huskies are found chasing animals like rabbits or squirrels. As being a prey-driven breed they found it an enjoyable activity. However, if your dog does not belong to a prey-driven breed and repeatedly escapes the fence to chase down, make sure to understand the function of the behavior.

Also, letting your breed hunt or chase for the first time may become too fun activity to stop. So, to prevent them from enjoying the activity supervise them. Furthermore, you can provide them better fun than chasing. Whereas, locking up the fences is one of the best solutions to help you to prevent your dog from getting lost or traumatized.

 Reason and solution # 3: 

Dog Scared or Other Conditions

Fear of flight can also be the issue of escaping. According to studies it is found, that he has sound-sensitivity which lead them to escape away from the place. Most of the time fire-works or thunderstorms many dogs escape from the sight. However, the condition leads the dogs traumatized after getting lost.

The loud sound of an explosion can even panic many mild-mannered dogs. So, it is necessary to find a better solution to prevent your dog from getting lost in those times of the year. Moreover, we have mentioned detailed solutions to this issue. You can also check that.

Now, lets’ jump to our fourth reason which needs to be supervised more carefully.

 Reason and solution # 4: 

Dog Looking for Mate

Finding love in the neighborhood may not be big guilt. Many times the reason for escape can be the hunt of heated females around the area. If your puppy can smell a female, especially a heated female which is ready to meet a suitor, there are greater chances of your dog to pull the fence and put effort or vice versa.

However, getting a female or neutering your dog won’t be enough to prevent the dog from getting lost or traumatized. However, healthy spying on your female or male dog can reduce the risk of escaping.

How to Stop Your Dog from Getting Lost?

Stopping your pet from getting lost and traumatized can be a straightforward method. Making things harder to escape can be the perfect solution. Try to attend to your cute baby rather than leaving it unattended in the yard. Moreover, you can build strong and tall fences in your garden to help prevent the chase.

In addition to it, low ground fences would motivate your dog to run away. However, better supervising conditions and healthy attention towards your dog can help to prevent your dog traumatized after losing.

More importantly, catching the root issue can be the best way to protect your furry.

Some of the important key factors are:

  • Provide extra enjoyment to your little boy. Some of them may enjoy chewing toys, puzzles, bulky sticks, or some toys to keep them busy while alone.
  • Well, to prevent sexual roaming walk can be reduced by spying or neuter. However, it won’t change the habit immediately if your dog has been doing it for years,
  • Provide comfort to your fearful and scared dogs by providing a safe place. You can also turn on the radio or TV to avoid the explosive noise at the time of crackers and fireworks.
  • Moreover, make a habit to exercise your dog which makes it tired to walk. Makes your dog have a healthy running every day. Also, you can add the grab-a-toy game to your routine this will leads to better protection.


Dogs are adorable and playful species to have in your house. But, some of the reasons open the door for your dog to run away and get lost. The unfamiliar situation can lead your dog traumatized after losing.

We have shared some of the major reasons for some behavioral changes and their solutions to keep your dog safe from losing. Moreover, if you are a pet owner or looking to pet one you can also share some of the noticeable reasons for your dog with us.

Hoping we have served you the better guide to know you’re furry more and help to prevent this problem.

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