Dog Traumatized After fireworks

Dog Traumatized After fireworks

Dog Traumatized After fireworks

Well, another celebration day of New Year is just around the corner. However, noisy fireworks and disturbed dogs around the house are inevitable issues with celebrations.

Most of the time fireworks can be the way used to express happiness for some humans but they do not prove to be a pleasant activity for dogs. Therefore, many dog owners find their dogs traumatized after fireworks, and a lack of training may lead to hazards of escaping.

However, in this article, you will be getting amazing reason and solutions which would help you calm your cute little pup in the firework season. But, if it is going to be the first firework celebration with your dog, let me tell you some of the symptoms and reasons to judge your dogs’ traumatizing conditions.

Dog Traumatized After Fireworks

As fireworks are more vibrant, loud and near to your houses, may leave a different effect on your dogs. From the research, it is found that dogs are naturally afraid of loud sounds. The sound of fireworks, large gatherings, explosions, or anything may terrify your dog. Besides, these sounds affect the nervous system of the dogs which leads them to traumatic conditions.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Oslo, in 2015, studies the noise sensitivity in different breeds of dogs. The results lead to the marked correlation between noise sensitivity and fearfulness among different breeds.

Some of the major symptoms found in traumatized dogs can be described as, hiding or finding a safe place, panting, restlessness, drooling, lack of eating, or sleep. However, in short, the whole condition can be summarized in the sentence that many pet dogs until they are desensitized, have a phobia of loud and explosive sounds like firecracker or fireworks.

Let’s just imagine the dog’s perspective over the sound phobia condition:

Dog’s Perspective

Imagine having a great day on the couch or playing with your favorite toy but, suddenly hearing an explosive sound without having a clue of whether it will happen again or where it comes from. Isn’t it terrifying?

However, the firework situation with the dogs can be frightful but have a bunch of simple solutions to work with. So, let’s dig into the hand full of easy solutions to prevent.

 Solution no 1: 

Stay Away or indoor from fireworks areas

According to the reports every year, many dogs died due to a heart attack after listening to the firework. However, it can be controlled easily. You can stay indoors with your dog at the time of fireworks. This will decrease their contact with the exposure of fireworks. Similarly reduced the chances of getting traumatized.

Moreover, to prevent their escape; turning on radios or TV will also help to distract them from the situation. If you live in areas with more enthusiastic people and a lot of fireworks, you can also manage to shift to a quieter place for a day. Maybe a friends’ house or you can go camping.

 Solution no 2: 

Do not Confine your Dogs to one Room

Most of the time for the sake of our pet’s safety we hurt them ourselves. If you think your dog can be traumatized don’t let them limit to one room. It can pull pressure on their nervous system and eventually they hurt themselves by trying every possible way to escape the premises.

In addition to it, dogs can be comfortable with you. Let them access all the safe places in the house to make them feel like a normal day rather than a red alert.

 Solution no 3: 

Ensure Escape-proof House

According to different reports, at the time of heavy fireworks, many dogs escapes due to anxiousness. However, to prevent future problems make sure to close every door or window tightly. Besides it make sure to spend that time of day at home with your babies.

More, you can mention every member entering or leaving the house with the warning to lock the door securely.

 Solution no 4: 

Cover windows to minimize the lighting from fireworks

This is also one of the suitable ways to prevent your dog from traumatizing. Draw curtains to cover the large windows in your house to minimize the risk of fire-work lighting in your house. This will help your dog in spending a regular evening rather than noticing flashes in the sky.

Also, turn on the lights to prevent the amount of flash from being a noticeable thing for your dog.

 Solution no 5: 

Microchipping your Dog

This activity has gained a lot of popularity from 2016 as many worst scenarios had benefited from it. You can microchip your dog to get updated to it’s every move. Moreover, microchipping your has become legal and solved various worst scenarios of reuniting lost pet to their owners.

 Solution no 6: 

Snuggle your Dog in Terrifying Situations

The study shows that dogs may dislike or get even more terrified while petting them in anxious situations. To prevent this, you can allow them a calm environment. Ensure your dog is fine by having treats and activities that they enjoy at the time of fireworks.

 Solution no 7: 

Consider getting in touch with Vet

However, sometimes the case may get worst even after taking care of every need. If you feel the symptoms of trauma in your dog you should consider getting in touch with the vet. The best medication and better care from professional trainers would help you get your dog out of trauma.


Owning a dog is one of the best experiences but some days of the year may lead to hazards. Every year many dogs are traumatized after fireworks however proper solutions can reduce the rate of traumatizing dogs.

Well, the above-mentioned ways are proven to prevent anxiousness from your dogs. We have tried to mention every possible solution to the problem. I hope you have found the perfect guide. You can also mention how you prevent the traumatizing condition of your dog at the time of fireworks.

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