Why Get Pet Dog Insurance?

“Pet Dog Insurance? Are you serious? Why would anyone buy that?” That’s what a few folks I know said when I told them I was making this site. This kind of thinking makes me very sad and I sincerely hope these people (who shall remain nameless) do NOT have pets!

Since you are here researching pet insurance I know you’re the kind of pet owner who takes your pet’s health seriously. Basically you’re like me and think of your dogs as furry children and you’d do anything for them.

Pet Dog Insurance Saves The Day!

Unfortunately, for many of us, when a routine vet visit turns into the unexpected or unthinkable, what we’d like to do must be tempered with what we can “Afford” to do. And we find ourselves weighing veterinary medical procedures against the damage it’ll do to our bank account. Or worse still… wondering if we can get the financing to cover it.

If you have a pet health insurance policy for your dog that is something you’ll never have to consider. You’ll simply be able to do what’s in the BEST interest of your dog’s health.

For example the dog of a friend of mine was diagnosed with canine diabetes. After, exams, ultra-sounds, blood work, etc… the bill came to over $3,000 by the time she was stabilized!

Luckily, my friend had pet dog health insurance and was reimbursed (within 2 weeks of submitting her receipts) for the better portion of what she spent. If she didn’t have that pet insurance I’d hate to think of the choice she may have had to make.

Pet Dog Insurance Equals Peace Of Mind

Let me tell you I never want to have to tell my daughter our dog “Albert” must be put down because we can’t afford his veterinary medical treatments. Since you’re researching pet dog insurance, I’m sure you don’t want to be put in that position either.

Seriously, it’s SOOOOOO worth the few cents a day it costs to KNOW you’ll be able to follow your conscience and your vet’s advice if the need should arise. And it’s amazing how often the need arises with our furry kids… LOL Why just the other day the puppy across the street ate one of the kids little toys. The poor thing needed X-rays to see if could be passed or would need to be surgically removed. Luckily, surgery wasn’t needed but you’d be surprised how many times it is.

Pet Dog Insurance Is Inexpensive

In the pet insurance industry there’s a price point and a policy for every budget. Some “accident only” policies starting as low as $3-5 a month! But, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for so do your research and read the fine print!

Some dog insurance plans cover accidents and some don’t. Some will and some won’t cover expenses that come from cancer and others will. Some pet insurance plans include well-checks and routine vet procedures such as vaccines and worming while others do not.

Bottom line… for those of us who want only the best for our beloved canines, pet dog insurance is (as my daughter would say) a “No-Brainer!


Our goal is to help keep your best friend safe in any way we can. We do this by finding the best insurance coverage possible.


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