Having a dog is one of the best blessings of the world, but caring for that dog is also a responsibility that one must take up with the utmost seriousness. There are several requirements of a pet owner, the least of which is to take your beloved pet for regular vet checkups.

Having a pet also means paying for food, medicines, vet visits and medical bills to name a few things. Without a good insurance plan, it can become quite difficult to care for a pet in the right way. If you are a pet owner in Florida, there is all the more reason to get your pet insured. The following are some of the things you may want to know about dog insurance in Florida:

Reasons to Get Dog Insurance in Florida

Florida, as many may know, is the state that boasts of glorious beaches, amusement parks and has the sunny disposition that makes it ideal for several Americans to choose it as their retirement abode. Many of the cities in Florida are known for their charming and relaxed vibe, the perfect place to raise an adorable canine.

But along with the relaxed lifestyle, the state is also famous for its treacherous marshes and dangerous wildlife. Every other day one hears news of a nuisance alligator entering private property and needing to be rescued.

In recent years, there have been greater cases of alligator-human conflict and interaction because more people are moving to the freshwater environments of Florida, a document published by the University of Florida reports. Small pets are the most vulnerable to crocodilian attacks if one is not careful.

But while you can prevent your dog from going anywhere near alligator habitats, there are other perils that canines and similar pets may fall in. Venomous spiders and snakes are not uncommon in Florida.

Seeing how the state can prompt adverse interactions with various kinds of wildlife, it is important to protect your pet by getting dog insurance in Florida. One can hope they never have to use it, but it is certainly better to be safe than sorry!

Most importantly, dog insurance in Florida is crucial because of how frequently the weather takes a turn! The southern Florida heat, especially, can make your dog prone to illness and dehydration.

In fact, the state also put a bill that forbids dogs from being kept outside in certain weather conditions to vote, though it was not passed into law. For all the living conditions that the state offers, getting your dog insured is one of the most important things for a pet owner so you do not have to be shocked by a monstrous medical emergency bill.

Veterinary Costs in Florida

A pet owner in Florida may spend anywhere between $1,200 – $1,300 a year on their dog’s medical bills. If there have been a few medical emergencies throughout the year, the cost can even go considerably up. Thanks to insurance, however, you can get a considerable chunk of the medical expense reimbursed.

Which Florida city you live in also makes a difference to the rate each month. Some cities are likely to be more expensive than others. The following are some of the veterinary costs you can expect in Florida, city-wise:

  • Fort Lauderdale – $44.94/month
  • Miami – $29.75
  • Sarasota – $20.32
  • Orlando – $19.07
  • Tallahassee – $17.89

Depending on your insurance plan provider, you can get between 70 to 100 percent of the medical expense reimbursed.

Insuring Your Pet in Florida

There are generally four types of pet insurance coverage you may find, these include accident and illness coverage, accident-only coverage, embedded wellness and endorsements. Depending on your plan provider, you may get all four coverages or perhaps even more. Pre-existing conditions are usually not covered by most plan providers. The following are some of the best dog insurance providers in Florida:

Spot Pet Insurance

Spot Pet Insurance is one of the best insurance providers for pets not only in Florida but in the United States. This is a plan provider that offers lucrative policies overall and offers up to 90 percent reimbursement on eligible medical bills. The following are some of the features available in the plans:

  • No age limit
  • Customizable plans
  • Coverage includes hereditary and congenital diseases
  • Plans begin at low premiums

Pumpkin Pet Insurance

Pumpkin Pet Insurance is one of the best places to consider if you are looking for preventive care for your pooch. There are, of course, several traditional pet insurance plans, but the preventive care coverage will take care of a variety of situations from monthly vet visits to necessary vaccinations. The following are some of the features that the plans may have:

  • 90 percent reimbursement rate
  • Policies available for both dogs and cats
  • No upper age limit
  • Your choice of vet

Progressive Pet Insurance

Progressive Pet Insurance is one of the best places to go looking for an insurance plan for your dog. You can start early as the plan provider has policies for pets as young as 7 weeks.

You can also customize your plans by choosing how to pay and picking the right plan, with increasing coverage, for your dog. What’s more, if you are already a Progressive customer, you can even avail of a discount. The following are some of the features you may find in a Progressive plan:

  • No annual limit for expenses covered
  • $500 deductible
  • Outpatient care (covered in accident and illness essential plan)
  • Plans starting at $29 per month for dogs

Wrapping Up

From what has been described above, it becomes apparent that Florida is a great state to live in with a pet, but it is also a state that requires you to have pet insurance because of the sometimes challenging living conditions.

There are plans for all households, whether low or high income. If you have brought a pet home, it is up to you to give it the best care possible. The plans that have been mentioned above are some of the best in the market. Look around and find one that suits your budget.

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