Does a dog need its teeth brushed?

Say ahhhh – good boy! Here’s your favorite treat. My momma really loves me. After brushing my teeth she will always reward me with a treat.

Brushing the dog’s teeth is necessary. This task should be included in the “to do” list of a responsible pet owner. Brushing the dog’s teeth about twice a week would only take a few seconds – a minute at the most but it would give loads of benefits for the dog and for the dog owner as well. Tooth brushing is one of the ways by which an owner can make the dog happy. A dog free from dental health concerns is a happy dog. Maintaining the dog’s dental hygiene will save the owner money in the long run as the need for costly visits to a canine dentist for the dog’s periodontal diseases will be avoided.

Dogs are one of the most affectionate animals thus dog owners would always want to have the pet around. Dogs are constantly cuddled and petted hence owners make sure that the pet is clean. Unfortunately, dental care is often ignored by pet owners. Similar to humans, healthy teeth is important to a dog too. Permanent teeth will come in after the puppy teeth fall off. Humans can use dentures but this is not possible with dogs. Permanent teeth are all the dogs would have to chew their food. Consider what will happen if the dog losses all its teeth. This is why dental care is doubly important for these pets.

A dog would need its teeth brushed to maintain good oral hygiene. Given the dog’s indiscriminate eating habits, it would not be surprising for the mouth to be filled with bacteria. As mentioned, dogs form a strong bond with the human family. These pets’ attachment to children is also legendary. It would not be uncommon to see kids being lapped in the face and on the mouth by the dog. A child would share whatever food he/she is eating with the pet. A kid eating ice cream would also allow the pet to have a lick. Transmission of bacteria would really be easy. People are accustomed with the dog’s distinct smell. Nothing much can be done about it as the fluid secreted by a gland is used by the dog for identification. A dog would have an abhorrent breath if it has indulged in its favorite pastime. Dogs have the inclination to eat spoiled food, rotten animals and feces. A dog’s less than pleasant breath though can be resolved with tooth brushing.

When mucus and bacteria bind together with particles of food that remained on the dog’s mouth, sticky and colorless plaque will be formed. If the dog’s teeth are not brushed, the daily build up of plaque will harden and form into tartar to cause dental diseases. Unlike humans, a dog will not be plagued with pain associated with cavities. Dogs seldom get cavities but our furry friends can have periodontal disease. Gum problems are extremely painful and left untreated the soft tissue as well as the bone that support the teeth can be seriously damaged resulting to teeth loss.

Brushing the dog’s teeth is not that hard. The first tooth brushing session can be challenging especially if the dog is not used to being “violated”. However, apart from being affectionate animals, dogs are known to have an innate eagerness to please attitude. The dog will easily tolerate tooth brushing especially if a reward would be given at the end of every session. A healthy dog is a happy dog and happy healthy dogs live longer. So what are you waiting for? Start the tooth brushing session now. The dog may not be able to say thank you but wouldn’t the loyalty of the pet be enough?

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