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Pet Insurance for Rabbits

Rabbit Insurance 101: What It Includes and Why You Should Get One If you have decided to bring home a pet rabbit, you may want

Do You Need Pet Insurance?

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Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Who needs pet insurance?  If you’re the type of pet owner who would do anything for their pet.  The type of person who thinks of their pets as members of the family and you’d spend thousands of dollars on veterinary care for them.  If this sounds like you then you could most likely benefit from the financial and emotional protection a pet health insurance policy can provide.

A Pet Insurance Policy Can Keep You From Going Into Debt, Big Time!

The time to buy a pet health policy is before you need it.  Once the accident ot illness strikes it’s too late for it to be covered.  No pet insurer will cover pre-existing conditions.  So what can an unexpected visit to the vet cost?

  • Broken leg can cost over $1,200
  • Sudden illness $900
  • Eating poison $950
  • Cancer treatments $3,500
  • Ligament Tear $3,200
  • Removing a foreign object from digestive tract $1,975

That last one really gets to most folks.  Think of all the things a new puppy chews on.  What if he got into your kids room and swollowed something undigestable?

Top Ten Most Common Items Surgically Removed From Dogs…

  1. Socks
  2. Underwear
  3. Panty Hose
  4. Rocks
  5. Balls
  6. Chew Toys
  7. Corn Cobs
  8. Bones
  9. Hair Ties/Ribbons
  10. Sticks

That really makes you think doesn’t it?  Now before you dash out and buy the first pet policy you come across make sure you do your homework so you get the right pet insurance plan for you and your pets.  Pet health polices come in all shapes and colors.  They can vary widely in overall coverage, monthly or annual cost, and reimbursement benefits.  There’s even a difference between insurance and health plans.  Make sure you understand what you are buying – from the covered benefits to the limits and exclusions of the policy.

That’s so important I’m gonna say it again.  KNOW what’s in the fine print BEFORE you buy!

Some Typical Things To Consider Before Buying Pet Insurance.

  • The age of your pet
  • The breed of your pet
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Type of coverage
  • Exclusions
  • Deductibles, co-pays and caps
  • Multi-pet discounts
  • Spay or Neuter discount
  • Waiting periods
  • Cancellation policy
  • Renewal terms
  • Cost

Who Doesn’t Need Pet Insurance?

If you’re the kind of person who wants to own “A Pet” but not necessarily “This Pet”.  If your pets are possessions instead of family members then pet insurance probably isn’t for you.  Alternately if you’re the type of person who is disciplined enough to determine what’s needed and contribute REGULARLY to a savings account set aside for your pets veterinary needs you most likely don’t need pet health insurance.

For the rest of us pet insurance is a life saver.  It keeps us from having to make medical decisions for our pets based on finances.  I don’t know about you but I never want to have to euthanize my beloved pet because I can’t afford his medical expenses.

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