Do I need a dog license?

Sure, dogs make our lives much better. Where will you ever find a companion that would uncomplainingly receive all your verbal abuses? For the prize of a handful of treats these animals would gladly be your most loyal and affectionate shadow. Ahhh… the joys of dog ownership! However, there is more to owning a dog than filling the kibble and the water bowls. The decision to get a dog is about 7 to 12 long years of commitment. Along with setting aside time to bond with the pet, you, the conscientious dog owner has other responsibilities to do. One of these “must dos” is to get a dog license.

Different counties have different regulations regarding dog ownership but almost all areas require dogs to be licensed. The keeper of the dog is required to get a license. The registering organization will issue a dog license identifying number and a dog license tag that will be attached to the dog’s collar. Why is there a need for dog license? Licensed or not, the dog will provide the same affection, loyalty and protection to its human family. In the same manner, the love and care that the family will give to the pet will not vary whether the dog bears an identifying number or not. A dog license however, serves as a safety net against the loss of the pet. The dog license tag attached to the collar will tell everyone that the dog is owned and not a homeless stray thus reuniting a lost dog to the owners would be easier. Dogs have the inclination to roam. Even indoor dogs can run out to wander if the door is left open. A lost dog that was not licensed will have less chance of being reunited with the owner. The dog license tag has the contact numbers of the registering organization. When the dog is found, the organization will be informed and the dog owners notified. Once the necessary documents are presented, the pet will be reunited with the owners. A dog license will keep tract of the dog population in the area but more importantly, the public will be kept safe from dangerous dogs infected with rabies. Before a dog license is issued, the dog owner has to show a certification that the pet have had rabies vaccination. Stray animal population is a national concern. Dog licensing have been a big help in the enforcement of the spay/neuter law. Owners of intact dogs have to pay a surcharge on the licensing fee.

Do dog owners really need to get a license for the dog? No one would know if the dog is licensed or not especially if the pet is seldom taken to public places. However, a dog owner found to be violating the mandate will have to pay a huge fine. Aside from the court costs and fines, the owner will still have to get a dog license, pay the fees as well as the late registration fees. Dog license fees are not too high. Dog license fees would be considerably lower if the dog is owned by a senior citizen or if the dog was spayed or neutered. Disable people getting a license for a service dog are exempt from paying the dog license fees. Fees will be spent by the state to care for homeless animals. Being a dog lover you certainly would want homeless dogs to be provided with the same care you give to your dog. For sure you would rather spend a few dollars for the license of the dog rather than offer a hundred or a two hundred dollar reward for the return of a lost pet.

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