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First aid kit

Just as with humans, having the capability to administer first aid can mean the recovery and survival of the pet dog. A pet owner can


Limping is something that many dogs will experience one time or another. What you need to do is look into the limping to try to

Fishhook Wounds

No matter how careful a pet owner may be accidents still happen. Dogs are most suitable companions in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, dogs are inquisitive by

Moving an injured dog

It would be quite natural for owners to panic if they see that their pet dog is injured. The first reaction would be to rush

Physical examination

Wouldn’t it be nice if your pet dog can tell you how it feels and can show you something is wrong? Since it is not


We all want to think that we keep our pets safe and sound, and generally this is true, but many dogs suffer poisoning despite our

Porcupine Quills

If you live in a specific area where there are porcupines abound your dog may find his or her way into the painful experience of


Many dogs suffer puncture wounds when they are doing the simplest of things, such as playing in their yard. Other dogs suffer puncture wounds when


Shock is a state of being that often occurs after the body has experienced something traumatic. Many people use the term shock as in being

Skin Irritation

Dogs are like people, their largest organ is their skin, and with this large organ can come a lot of irritation. Irritation can occur for


As any person knows, splinters can be very uncomfortable and this is true for our canine friends as well. Unfortunately, a splinter cannot be ignored


Strains are something that occurs in people as well as dogs. When your dog is suffering from a strain he or she may need your