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Broken toenail

A broken toenail is a common problem among pets, most especially for dogs. It may happen anytime and you might see your dog yelping and

Chemical Burns

People get chemical burns and it would not be surprising if our inquisitive pets get chemical burns too. Chemical burns like thermal burns can be


A foreign object stuck in the throat of a dog is one of the most common reasons why pets are brought to a vet’s clinic.


Watching a seemingly healthy pet suddenly lose strength, fall to the ground and be unable to move would certainly be a traumatic experience for the


Dehydration is serious; your pet dog can lose its life from dehydration. Unlike humans who can recover quickly from dehydration by cooling off and by


When we hear the word diarrhea watery stool would often come to mind. Actually diarrhea has a broader definition that encompasses abnormal defecation. This means

Impalement Injuries

When most of us think of our dog being injured or sick we think of an ear infection, a bite by another dog, a fracture,

Incisions – Serious cuts

A dog’s lively and impetuous nature is what makes them endearing. Man’s best friend will never fail to lighten the dreary day of a dog

Incisions – Simple cuts & nicks

Dealing with the results of minor and major accidents is part and parcel of owning a dog. Dogs are active, inquisitive and most would get

Insect Bites

It’s important to acknowledge that insect bites hurt your dog as much as they hurt you. In fact, an insect bite will often cause secondary