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Cat Fancier’s Association Pet Insurance Review

cfa (1)Low cost medical insurance for your pet has become a much more standard practice, especially with regard to catastrophic coverage to deal with unexpected injuries and illnesses. While considering which policy to purchase, pet owners should compare cost, coverage, deductibles and reimbursement processes to come to an educated conclusion. Some companies like the Cat Fancier’s Association have offered discounted insurance through their associations to encourage membership.

Making Pet Insurance a Perk

Cat Fancier’s Association offers 30 free days of pet insurance for people who join their association. The policy provides coverage for accidents and illnesses and begins the wait period for those who go on to purchase a full policy. The actual policy has many other features beyond coverage for accidents and illness – there are additional components that can be purchased. For example, the coverage could include their “wellness” plan, which is designed to defray the cost of routine and preventive care for your pet. The different components of the policies are a way for the pet owner to chose a form of coverage appropriate to the age and needs of their cat.

Deciding to Purchase Pet Insurance

Taking the time to identify your pet’s health care priorities based on their age, breed and general healthiness will allow you to search more quickly and effectively for the right policy. Although plans differ widely in their coverage and cost, the basic principles that you apply to your own health care concerns are mostly applicable to your pet’s insurance needs. Most cover emergency care and prescriptions as well as diagnostic testing and x-rays. Look to make sure that exams are covered by your policy – they are often excluded. The cost of coverage, the breadth of coverage, the out of pocket expense and deductibles (be they incident by incident or annual) are all relevant considerations.

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