Caring for an albino dog

Would you care to invest your love on an albino dog? A major fraction of professed dog lovers would frown at getting an albino dog. Dogs with this congenital disorder are hard to care for. An albino dog owner would do everything to boost the immune system of the dog but just the same, it would be difficult to maintain the health of the pet.

One argument about caring for this dog is the short life span. Losing a pet is certainly heartbreaking given that they are already considered as family members. Dogs are human’s most loyal companions. They are not called Velcro pets for nothing. But how can you take an albino dog out in the beach knowing that sun exposure would be harmful to the dog? Because of the decreased melanin protection of the skin, the dog is more prone to being sunburned. The risk of skin cancer is as well greater in these dogs. With an albino pet, you can say goodbye to the pleasurable time on the poolside during hot summer days. A hunting enthusiast cannot take the dog hunting. Obviously, the dog’s color would not be an effective camouflage. Complete albino dogs are noted to be deaf and visually hampered. These disabilities cause the dog to be fearful and to have an unstable temperament.

An albino dog though, just like any other dog is friendly and affectionate. True, this dog would need more tender loving care but they do make good companions. Moreover, albino dogs fit the bill for people requiring unique and exotic looking pets. The pale colored eyes and the all white coloring makes these dogs absolutely beautiful.

Albinism is a genetic defect that is characterized by the absence or deficiency of an enzyme necessary for the production of melanin, a compound that generally serves as pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. An albino dog therefore would have no color in the eyes and fur. The fur will be white, the eyes, the lips, nose and other exposed skin will be pink in color. Albinism cannot be treated but the conditions associated with this congenital defect can be managed. This means that you can get an albino dog for a pet. Of course the dog would need a little more care but all the extra efforts will be fully compensated by the affection, loyalty and companionship the dog will give.

Melanin protects the skin from sun radiation. The absence of this compound makes an albino dog highly vulnerable to severe sunburn and skin cancer. Too much exposure to the sun must be avoided. It is therefore necessary to protect the skin from too much exposure to sunlight to prevent the occurrence of these conditions. Who says you cannot take the dog outdoors? You can have the albino dog as a jogging companion as long as you do not jog during the hottest part of the day. Sunscreen will protect the dog from the damaging ultra violet rays of the sun. Protective clothing will achieve the same results while giving the dog an attractive and attention grabbing appearance. Eyes must be protected from sunlight as well. Invest in canine goggles. These sunglasses will ease the pain the dog feels from too much sunlight.

Dogs, even albinos are naturally energetic. These dogs will not know that harsh sunlight has harmful effects on their skin and eyes. Commonly, albino dogs would ignore the discomfort felt from being out in the sun. It would be up to the pet parent to make sure that the dog is confined inside the house during the hottest part of the day. When it comes to maintenance and care, albino dogs may not be the best representative of man’s companions but these dogs are not to be considered bad pets.

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