Canaan Dog

The Canaan Dog is a beautiful breed of dog. The beautiful white coat he shows off is admiring to the eyes. This breed of dog comes from Israel and they have heard of this breed existing in the Middle East as well.

The Canaan Dog is a very healthy breed of dog. They can have a height of 19 inches to 24 inches and a weight of 35 pounds up to 55 pounds. The Canaan dog can also live for up to 15 years old.

The Canaan Dog makes a great family dog. In Israel, many Canaan dog can be found in the wild with an estimated 1500 still there. There are also some still wild Canaan dogs in the Middle East. The Canaan dog is a very intelligent dog possessing a strong survival skill and is very independent. This makes the breed very popular and loveable. Since the Canaan dog has been developed for survival, this gives humans a good reason to have them. They are very good watchdogs and also are very good workers as well. They have been known to herd animals throughout history along with guarding the flock.

Since the Canaan dog is so smart and strong, they are very good to train. Sometimes when being trained they can easily get distracted away from what they are doing. You must always make good with training to make sure everything works out right. It takes patience since they are easily distracted.


The Canaan dog is a very stunning dog. Its ears stand straight up and tipped at the ends. It has a bushy tail that stands up on end when the dog is alerted by something. The dog’s eyes are almond, round, and a dark color with the eyes being rimmed by a dark color. The eyes go along with the color of the dog’s coat. The eyes should be slightly slanted and have the look of being alert. This is the way they look at all times. Many people are a bit cautious of their alertness believing they may attack at any given moment, however, this is very far from the truth.

The coat on the Canaan dog can range from black to a soft cream color. It can also come in shades of brown mixed in with red. You can also find Canaan dog’s with white patches or white all over as well. This is what makes the breed so beautiful, the uniqueness of their coat. The coat of the Canaan dog has a thick harsh outer and a soft inner coat. The coat of fur can be ½ to 2 inches long.

The Canaan dog has a very good strong build to them. This helps with their case of survival in the wild or for being strong just in the backyard with outdoor animals around them. Their legs are long and strong as well for running. The dogs can range from size. Some Canaan dogs are wider, while other dogs are skinnier. This is also an effect with how long and fluffy their fur is as well. The shape and size of these dogs is determined by the way in which they are raised, their heredity, and of course their ancestors.


The Canaan dog is the kind of dog that is alert and protective at all times. When having one of these dogs with the family, raise the dog with your kids. This is because the Canaan dog is very edgy with strangers. When raised with the family the dog can be protective of the whole family.

You can live with a Canaan dog in an apartment as long as they are taken out for exercise on a regular basis, such as on walks or even playing ball. The Canaan dog can be an inside or outside type dog. They are prepared for any kind of weather with it being hot or cold out. A nice big yard will do the dog good to run around in and get good exercise.

Besides exercise, another good thing for this breed is challenges as well as exercise. You can take this breed on long jogs or give them herding exercises to keep them happy and healthy.


One great thing with Canaan dog is that they are very easy to keep groomed. They do not carry a doggie odor as much as other breeds do. The Canaan dog sheds their winter coat and then shed a summer coat. You can brush the dog at least once a week and do some extra brushing during the shedding season.

Nail trimming is not a thing to worry about. With the Canaan dog being outside and being taken for walks, their nails will trim themselves down from being on blacktop or any kind of ground.

For taking care of their teeth, you can just go out and get the simple bones to help keep their teeth clean. In addition, when dogs eat bones it will keep their teeth staying sharp as well. Therefore, as said before, Canaan dogs are very simple to take care of. Also, remember with any dog, regular vet visits are a good thing.


In the 1930’s the Canaan dog was originally bred. They were bred from the wild dogs of Israel. The Canaan dogs have been used for messengers, trackers, mine detectors, and search and rescue dogs, war sentry, and also used as Seeing Eye dogs for the blind. These dogs are good for being in desert like areas.

Back in 2200 B.C., there were drawings of the Canaan dog in tombs. Then in 1965, four dogs were sent to America by the breeder’s founder named Dr. Rudolphina Menzel when he arrived on the western shores by ship. Before bringing them to America, Menzel formed an organization to use the dogs for guarding the isolated Hebrew settlements and fight the war of Independence. Then she found the Pariah dogs out in the wild and noticed how well they adapted to the rough life of the desert. She then gave the breed the name of Canaan Dog as to their home land.

Then Dr. Rudolphina Menzel began working with the wild and semi-wild by getting them near her with food. She started taking litters of the puppies and then realized how well they were getting along with her. She then started training the Canaan dogs to track and this is how they became the first dog to detect mines around World War II.

To this day they can still track and also at times known to herd. To this day, they are very protective and great guard dogs for any family. There are still wild Canaan dogs in the Middle East but they are on their way to becoming instinct. These are wonderful animals to have and to see in the wild living their lives in the nature they know and love. Having one of these dogs around is something you should have if you desire a dependable and loving companion.

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