Can dogs have turkey?

Dog owners would ensure that the pet gets optimum health. A good looking healthy pet would be the pride of the family. The dog would gain admiring looks and the owner would be praised for the care given to the pet. The praise and the recognition would not be too important for a responsible owner. What is important is to maintain the health and the good immune system of the pet to minimize the risk for canine diseases. When a dog is taken home, the owners would not only make a financial investment but an emotional investment as well. It is certainly heart breaking to say goodbye to a pet that has succumb to an illness. A dog owner would pamper the pet by supplementing the manufactured dog food diet of the pet with home cooked dog treats. Dogs are much loved animals so that what is eaten by the family is shared with the pet as well. This well meaning act of a dog owner can have hazardous effects on the health of the dog. It is therefore necessary to know what people foods can be give and what cannot be given to the pet. Is turkey one of the bad people foods for the pet? Turkey can be given to the dog. Turkey in fact is one of the contents of commercial pet foods.

Many dog owners have taken to feeding the pet home cooked meals due to the recent scare of harmful chemical contents of manufactured pet foods. Advertized high quality pet foods are sadly, nutrient deficient. Canines though have nutritional requirement that may not be met by home cooked meals. A vet’s consult would be necessary to get the right combination of nutrients that will insure the optimum health of the pet. Another option is to continue feeding the dog with the commercial dog food and give people food as supplements.

Turkey is one of the people foods that will be enjoyed by the pet. Notice how the dog would whine by your side every time you take out the makings of a turkey sandwich from the fridge. The dog is waiting for you to share a slice of the yummy meat. Turkey is a good source of protein and vitamin B 6 that supports the activities of the nervous system. Turkey, especially the breast and the tenderloin are lean meats. Nevertheless, this people food when ingested by the pet in large quantities will be hazardous to the health of the pet. A dog owner, giving in to the pleading look in the eyes of the pet will fill the bowl with leftover turkey meat, skin and bones.

Turkey bones splinter easily and when ingested by the pet can perforate the stomach. Surgery may be needed to save the life of the pet. Turkey skin will be a yummy treat for the pet. However, the skin is loaded with fat and can result to diarrhea or worse to pancreatitis. Digestive enzymes are produced by the pancreas to aid in the breaking down of foods. If the pancreas is damaged by the ingestion by the ingestion of fatty foods, the enzyme will leak and cause damage to the pancreas and the surrounding tissues. You think you are being kind by giving the dog these fatty foods. You think that a one-time indulgence would do the dog no harm. But consider the fact that dogs are intelligent and resourceful animals. Once the pet has tasted a roasted turkey, it would be an easy matter for the dog to filch the cooling turkey in the counter.

Turkey meat is safe nutritious food for the dog. But make sure that only the lean, skinless and boneless part of the turkey is given to the dog.

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