Can dogs have strawberries?

Strawberries, the unique fruits that have its seeds on the outside are one of the most popular fruits in the world. A basket of fresh plump bright red strawberries with the green caps attached is already deliciously enticing on its own but used as topping in desserts, this fruit would add elegance to any meal. Strawberries would satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. This fruits is commonly mixed with cream or dipped in chocolate to make mouth watering desserts. The melting of the cream or the chocolate and the bursting of the freshness of the fruit in the mouth would be a truly decadent gastronomical experience. Because this fragrant sweet fruit is most abundant in the summer months, people would usually have this fruit in their meals. And as what is common, the pooch would want to have whatever the family is eating. We know that grapes must not be given to dogs because of its toxic effects. What about strawberries? Go right ahead. Toss a few strawberries to the pet. Small amounts of strawberries would be safe for the pet.

Dogs have become important members of the family. Dogs are well cared for…given high quality food, regular vet checkups and regular grooming. If not allowed to sleep with the family, dogs are provided with comfortable sleeping quarters. Would it be surprising if the pooch thinks that it is human too and demand to have real human food? It is certainly endearing to see the pet sidle to any member of the family and get ready to catch the tossed food. Once the morsel is deftly caught, the dog would energetically wag the tail and anticipate the next one.

Humans get loads of benefits from strawberries. This fruit is filled with health promoting phytonutrients. Strawberry is a good source of antioxidants that fight cancer causing free radicals. The fiber content of this fruit makes it an effective eliminative food as it promotes intestinal tract functions. Strawberry is a rich source of vitamins and minerals essential to good health. Studies have shown that humans and canines are 95 % similar in genetics. It is therefore considered that canines would obtain the same health benefits from people food.

Domesticated dogs are commonly fed manufactured dog foods. However, even high quality dog foods are found to be nutritionally deficient. Dog owners are also concerned about the fact that these foods may contain harmful chemicals. Responsible dog owners have started supplementing the pet’s diet with real people food. Dogs are given vegetables and fruits. It was proven that dogs would derive the health benefits obtained by humans from these foods. Strawberries are one of the fruits safe for dogs. This fruit contains antioxidants that slow down the aging process by reducing degenerative disease. These antioxidants have reduced the risk of canine chronic diseases as well. The natural anti-inflammatory agents of this fruit have helped canine suffering from arthritis and from other musculoskeletal diseases. The soluble content of the fruit promotes the dog’s intestinal health. This fruit contains an enzyme that breaks down the tartar and keeps the dog’s teeth white. Vitamin C is on the top of the list of vitamin content of strawberries. Vitamin C strengthens a dog’s immune system.

Strawberries are sweet. These fruits contain large amounts of sugar. Allowing the dog to consume a basketful of these red juicy fruits can result to obesity. Dogs are voracious eaters. The ripe fruits in the strawberry patch will be sniffed by the dog in an instant. However, canines have shorter digestive tracts. A bowl of hulled and sliced strawberry would have no effect on the dog’s master but it can result to diarrhea in the dog. Strawberries would add variety to the dog’s diet but just as with other people food, it must be given to the dog in moderation.

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